Bonita Springs Family Vacay

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 1

A full week home already since we were in Bonita Springs with our family soaking up the sunshine and smell of the ocean waves. Already feels like months ago! Although we’re happy to be home we feel pretty grateful we got to spend an entire week making memories with our family and celebrating Jamie’s parents’ 40th wedding anniversary.

Jamie even brought his go-pro and put a little video together for you!

We realized we hadn’t taken a family vacation since Beck was born, which has now already been two years. This actually fell on his birthday weekend. Where does the time go?! Which means it was also Beckam’s first plane ride.

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 2

Which… did not go well… by the time we got off the plane the people around us were giving us advice for next time. ha! We’ve been spoiled with Greyson, who has always been a good flyer. And well, I guess the tables have turned with baby #2!

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 3

It was my first time in this area and it was beautiful. Jamie’s family loves and comes to this area often, so it wasn’t his first experience and thankfully they all knew the good places to hit up, so no time was wasted on bad experiences. Jamie’s Grandma Molitor and her sisters lived out here so the area is kinda like a second home for the Molitors.

Throughout the entire trip, the family talked about all the things where they’ve done this or that, with our without Grandma…and all I could think about was the life Grandma Kathleen lived here. I guess she ran a booth at a farmers market…and as we drove by them I couldn’t help but wonder which one and envisioned her. It was nice to get to know her a little more through stories and I love carrying on their family legacy and coming to FL now. Soaking up the sun and ocean waves every day put a big smile on our faces, especially Beck’s!

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 4

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 5

We created a lot of unforgettable family memories over this trip. And thank goodness for grandparents!

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 6

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 7

Jamie’s parents rented a house for us all to be together, on the water and with a pool. It was so nice to be able to let the kids run free and grab groceries to have a few days and nights just simply staying in, relaxing, and playing games, which sometimes are the best family memories!

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 8

We haven’t introduced Sloane yet on the blog! Say hello, to our niece Sloane. Let’s just pray if we have a 3rd, she’s like Sloane. Unlike our two littles in the full week, I never heard her even cry a little…must be because she loves her auntie!

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 9

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 10

It felt good to have some fun and reconnect with our siblings again!

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 11

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 12

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 13

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 14

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 15

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 16

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 17

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 18

And after a week away we were sad to say goodbye to the beach-bum life, but also ready to get back home to reality. Jamie and I can usually only be away for about seven days until we start itching to get back to work and routine.

Bonita Springs Family Vacay 19

Until next time… which we’re hoping isn’t another two years again!


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