Bridal Party Gift Ideas

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Green Acres Barn Wedding Venue

Happy Valentine’s week!! Lately we have been getting a lot of emails with questions about our wedding. At first I didn’t understand where they were all coming from and then I realized that all of those brides out there are currently “pinning” like crazy to get ready for their summer weddings!

DIY ideas for your wedding party gifts

So being it is love week, I thought we would spend the week sharing details from our DIY wedding. And being I’m sure, like myself, we are all racking our brains this week trying to come up with the perfect gift for our Valentine, maybe this will help to inspire some gift ideas. So let’s talk gifts!

Bridal Gift

When it came to our wedding gifts, Jamie nailed it!

I LOVE anything old, wood, shabby-chic and pallet related. Jamie…not so much his style. But he really thought of what I would appreciate and made me a gift he knew I would love.

Jamie made a picture frame out of an old beat-up fence from the first home we were going to be husband and wife in together. He then placed a picture in the frame from the first night we met. And he wrote his vows to me on the back. I couldn’t have thought of a more perfect gift.

DIy wedding gift from husband to wife, DIY pallet picture frame

Bridal Party Gifts

We got married with just our immediate families and invited our friends over after the ceremony and before the big reception to thank them for being apart of our lives.DIY bridal gift ideas

We showered them with drinks, food and of course gifts!

Mason Jars


Instead of using cards we clipped a picture of us and them onto the front of their gifts.

DIY Wedding picture gift bags

DIY Gift Bags, replacing a card with a picture of you and the person the gift is for

Of course we had to give the guys all matching socks.

Wedding gifts for groomsmen, socks

Wedding gifts for groomsmen, socks

And being Jamie never leaves home without his pocket knife, we also got the guys knives engraved with their name.

Groomsmen gifts, engraved knives

Groomsmen gifts, engraved knives

Molitor Wedding

Flower Girl Gifts


Our precious nieces. My sister-in-law once mentioned to me that she has so many pictures from school that she didn’t know where to hang so I thought what better gift than a DIY wall art board.

Chalkboard Signs for our Flower Girls' Art


  • Wood
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Spray Paint
  • Clamps
  • Paint Brush

clip board for children's art

We cut and painted the boards with purple chalkboard paint. I wanted to use chalkboard paint so that the girls could practice writing the title of their art collection for that season. 🙂

clip board for children's art

We then removed the rubber from the clamps, hung them on a rope between two trees and spray painted them pink.

clip board for children's art

While our boards were drying we also chalkboard painted mason jars for our friends so that they could write their names on their drinks.

clip board for children's art

Jamie then measured perfectly where he wanted to place the clips and screwed them into place. And there we had our Art Clipboards!

clip board for children's art

P.s. Don’t mind all of us with our clothes off, it was a VERY hot and humid MN day that day 🙂

Hotel Guest Gifts


I wanted to incorporate a Minnesota theme into our hotel gifts, being we had a lot of friends and family coming in from out of town. I Googled an image of MN and traced that image onto pieces of white cardstock. My wonderful mother cut out each of the MN outlines and we glued them onto brown paper bags.

Treats for inside the bag:

  • Band-aids and Aspirin- “For ripes, slips and too many sips”
  • Candy- “Wishing you sweet dreams”
  • Water, Pretzels and Granola Bars


Wedding Favors

Wedding Thank You sign

Decorating the gift table for your wedding

For the wedding favors we made my Grandma’s homemade Jam. We then tied a note around the jars saying “Grams Jam, Spread the Love”

Wedding Favors, DIY Jams and Jellies

On top of these gifts we also gave our mothers charm bracelets that said, “Thank you for raising the man/woman of my dreams” that we purchased off of Etsy. For my sister’s I gave them bracelets with their initial monogram. And of course for all of my girlfriends I gave them little goodies, charm bracelets and of course flip-flop’s for their dancing shoes.

Gifts can be a really stressful part of planning your wedding. Naturally, you want to thank everyone the best way possible. And no matter what gifts you buy or DIY for your bridal party and loved ones, they will be thankful! We hope you can use some of our wedding gift inspiration for your own!

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9 years ago

I really like these ideas! I wish I had thought of some back when we got married.

9 years ago

This is so fun! I can’t even remember if we did anything fun for ours…


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