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Last week we shared our full lower level reveal, and now today we wanted to dive into the furniture details specifically, and chat about how it helps bring your space to the next level! 

I was talking with a client the other day, and it got my mind turning! 

After finishing their basement project over a year ago, she was talking about how much they’ve enjoyed their finished basement and all the memories they’ve made in it. Shortly after that, I was on the phone with another client who we had finished their basement about three years ago now. She thought they were finishing it for their kids, but now they find themselves kicking the kids out and enjoying it themselves. Then not long after, I was texting with yet another client, whom we are now starting to design their basement remodel, and she commented, “I never knew basements could be so much fun!”

After talking with these clients, and now that we’ve finished our lower level…we wanted to drive the message across…YOUR BASEMENT OR LOWER LEVEL DOESN’T HAVE TO BE BORING!

Hahaha, that is actually what one client said to us. In fact, the more we got thinking about it, it’s one of the spaces that we finish or remodel for our clients that they use the most and where they make the most memories within. 

And ours was kind of looking that way until we furnished the space and brought the furniture in. 

And here I am right now, sitting down in our newly finished basement, at this adorable table, and doing some of my best creative work while I watch Jams and the boys play. 

So often we get leads to bid out projects that just want drywall hung and carpet in and that’s it. And my first question is always, but why? Is it the budget? Do you just want it done? Why simply just finish it off when you can do so much more? And not live under construction for two, three, or four times.

In our home, we love to entertain, watch sports, and are a gaming family. We wanted to create a space that would encompass those things and be used for exactly that.

However, now that it’s done I find myself working in this space often. Especially when my boys are watching their sports or playing their games, I can kick back behind them yet still feel like I’m part of the fun and also get lots of work done. 

What fully completed this space is the furniture. As you can see, let’s rewind to phase three

I was even shocked by how much a few furniture pieces can do?! So much more warmth, meaning and purpose behind the space now. 

The only other piece of furniture that we had in our basement was our couch. It was a piece that was from Room & Board that we had gotten years ago and has stood the test of time. So we couldn’t have thought of a better brand to ask to partner with us on this space when we’re already customers that love and believe in their product. 

Bar Stools

Instead of the cold metal stools, being it’s a lower level basement, we brought in warmth with the bar stools. 

The thing about Room & Board is that anything you choose, you can’t go wrong. After looking at their website for a few minutes, I already knew what I was drawn to. Another great thing about them is that their website isn’t overwhelming. Truth be told, I first ordered these stools, and I was so excited I didn’t measure right and ordered them in counter height. But the good news is, we still hadn’t ordered stools for our kitchen, so put them right in there, and they fit just right and were perfect for the space! 

Sometimes things just happen the way they’re supposed to. Ha! 

So then the search was on again, and the one thing we knew we wanted was to bring warmth in, and we wanted to do that through some wood tones, so we were immediately drawn to their Lira barstools. I was debating between the finishes and sent a message over to their team. They solidified the decision to go with cashew leather when they said, “the color combination of dark navy and camel colored leather is a gorgeous combination that you often see in luxury vehicles…” And I couldn’t have agreed more once I got them in hand and down into the basement.

The color, texture, and feel was perfect for the space to bring in that perfect touch of warmth, comfort, and luxury. It was what we needed to bring that extra warmth into the space. 

I was a little nervous to even sit on these in fear I would break them, but our little dudes have even jumped on them, and there are no breaking these — not even the slightest bend in the metal fabrication. 


Aria Round Table

The round table was one of the other big things we were on the search for! After talking it through with my friend Mercedes on how we were going to use this space, the big thing was where the girls are going to hang out, chat, play cards while the boys are watching motocross every Saturday night?! 

And she hit a home run by saying the perfect thing…why do those adorable kitchen nooks only have to live in kitchens?!

Let’s bring it down here. 

So our plan of action was for Jamie to build a bench, nook style seating and we’d source a perfect round table followed by ottomans, chairs, side tables…that also can move around…because that’s what you do when you’re hanging out, you move around within the space. 

I loved it! And the first big search was the table. We knew we needed a large enough table to gather everyone around yet didn’t want to overwhelm the space. 

Immediately I found this gem on Room & Board, and I was in love. It brought in the wood, brown, and warm tones from the barstools and other natural elements we were playing with down in this space. Yet it gave a modern vibe with the black wood metal stand, also playing off of the bar stool legs.

Doro End Tables

Then we had to figure out what to put around the table!

Room & Board recently started carrying Mercury Mosaics tile within their Doro End Tables. When Mercedes showed me these online, I knew I had to have them. And I can’t tell you how much better they look in person than online. Not only the looks but the quality is top-notch. The metal fabrication is amazing, super sturdy, and on top of that, the dudes and I used these for dinner tables and have spilled our fair share of food and red wine on them, and they wipe clean. I was a little nervous, thinking about grout and tile as end tables, and not one color variation has happened. 

Dodd Leather Storage Ottoman

As a busy family with two boys that love to still play in this space, we chose the Dodd Leather Storage Ottoman. While I thought this would be filled with toys, the boys have loved it more for playing hide and seek in it.

But we love that we can have it downstairs in our hangout area and pull some toys out for not only our kids but the friends and families that we’re inviting over. This has now become the container that we keep all of our “fun” or as I like to say, “nice” toys in! Ha! 

Cowhide Round Ottoman

Lastly, you know we’re all about fun, and when we landed our sights on the Cowhide Round Ottoman, we fell in love! It was the perfect piece to add in a little style to the space to bring it all together, yet remain classy. I mean, there isn’t anything that Room & Board doesn’t offer that’s not classy, timeless, and on-trend. 

And there it is, our seven simple furniture pieces that took this space to the next level. Links below.


leather storage ottoman | round tablecowhide ottoman | smaller end table larger end table | bar stoolsbench (c2s custom built) 


Disclosure: This project was in partnership with Room & Board.  Although we received free product, we only talk about and promote products and brands that we love, use, and stand behind. And we know you’ll love them just as much! 


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