Greyson Meets Beckam, Brother Love

Greyson Meets Beckam, Brother Love 1

Ohhhhh my word, our hearts have officially exploded. Our baby boy Beckam is turning one month old this week, where is the time already going?! This month has flown by, but we’ve been recovering and adjusting pretty well.

We were a little nervous about the adjustment from one to two and, most importantly, how Greyson would do. But Greyson loves being a big brother!


We cannot get over how loving Greyson is to his little brother. Every morning that’s the first thing Greyson asks when he wakes up is if he can go give “baby brother” a kiss. It’s the sweetest thing in the world.

The only time he asks that Beckam does not come hang out is at bedtime when we’re reading stories. He just quietly and politely asks if he can go in his room. So we’re officially making that our Greyson, mommy and daddy time.

So as scared as we were about going to two, as everyone told us it’s a game changer, it hasn’t been too terrible, despite the lack of sleep we’ve been getting. We’re also pretty lucky that we’re surrounded by family that is just a phone call away and that help us at the drop of a hat. Otherwise, we’d probably be talking a different story, ha!

The day Beckam was born, our friend Chelsie came to the hospital and captured on film the first moments of Greyson meeting his baby brother. We can’t even explain how much this video means to us and how many boxes of tissues we’ve gone through watching it. The look in Greyson’s eyes says it all.

So here it is…the moment Greyson met his baby brother…

Greyson Meets Beckam, Brother Love 2

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