The Before of our Very Own Kitchen Remodel

The Before of our Very Own Kitchen Remodel

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The Before of our Very Own Kitchen Remodel

November is here! This means it’s time to start renovating our own kitchen, so here is the before!

We’ve been saying that come November 1st; we’d rock and roll on updating our own home thinking we’d have a little bit slower work season. But nope, we’re still jam-packed full of client projects, but we decided there’s never going to be a “good time” so we just gotta roll with it.

First up, is our kitchen. But if you’ve remodeled your home you know one thing always leads to another.

Our kitchen opens up into our entry and then into one of our living rooms and then into what we think was supposed to be a formal dining room once upon a time. So where do you stop the floor?!

I guess we’re doing the main level. Ha!

We’re turning our living room into our dining room and our dining room into either an office or a wine room. We haven’t 100% made up our minds on that room yet.

And the best part, we’re pulling in all of our favorite brands and incorporating a lot of kitchen design trends that you’ll see in 2018.  Or what we think will be some cool trends anyways, ha! 

So make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel –> HERE <–  to follow the process. We’re going to show you the good, the bad, the ugly, and the happy.

First video up, sharing the before and talking through our plan of attack for the space.

Just a little background, we moved into our house in December of 2016 with the intent to slowly update and give it our style. Being we work in the remodeling industry, we knew there was never going to be a house we would find with our style (because it changes constantly) and our must-haves, so we focused on finding a home with good bones.

And when we came across this one, we fell in love. We had a shortlist of must-haves:  five bedrooms with three on the same level, a three-car garage with a separate large shop, and 2+ acres of land.

Surprisingly, this was a lot harder to find than you might think! So when Jamie came across this house we were sold. We found the home at 8:00 pm, we were over touring it by 9:00 pm, and our agent had an offer in by sunrise before we even saw what we were dealing with in the daylight.

After a crazy bidding war with eight other people, we got our forever home. We actually got outbid and pulled out, but for some reason, the homeowners picked us. We were beyond thrilled and so thankful, and they happened to be building a new home right next door.

So make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us every step of the way as we create videos along the way. Some will be tutorials and others will be just for your design inspiration, and I’m sure a lot of just our littles, Greyson and Beckam because we all know they are actually your favorite posts.

Next, we’ll walk through the design plans with you and (probably) as you’re reading this be in full force behind the scenes in demo mode.

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