Butcher Block Island Maintenance

Butcher Block Island Maintenance

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Looking for a unique countertop material for your kitchen? Thinking about butcher block and wondering how to maintain it or make your own? 

We’re talking all things butcher block countertops today and how you can incorporate them into your kitchen.

When deciding on countertops for your kitchen, there are a lot of different materials you can go with. While all the options are usually overwhelming, we’ve put together a guide to all of them HERE so you can see which one best fits your design style, life and budget. 

Butcher Block Island Maintenance

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At first thought, it can seem like butcher block countertops would be the most cost-effective choice, on the contrary the type of wood species can really increase the cost. Before making a big decision on butcher block, think first, is your island standard size or will you be DIYing your own countertop?   

There are standard size butcher block pieces sold at Home Depot or Lowe’s, but for bigger islands or perimeter layouts, you may need to create them yourself. Butcher block countertops can range from $30-150 per sq/ft, just depending on the wood type you want.

In this farmhouse style kitchen by Making Our Haven, they contrasted the white kitchen with a butcher block island countertop, which is a great option if you want to combine butcher block and quartz or granite.

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Another aspect to consider when using butcher block countertops is that they need to be refinished and properly sealed so that it’s safe for your kitchen. The benefit of that is you can use your countertops much like you would use a cutting board and sand it down every couple of years. 

Chris Loves Julia shared how they refinished the butcher block island in their home a few years ago HERE. They walk you through each step in refinishing them yourselves and it’s a great resource for when your countertops need a little love.

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In order to keep your butcher block countertops looking good, you’ll want to seal them or use mineral oil to prevent water from getting in or out. The good thing about butcher block is that you can either seal the countertops with scratches and nicks to save the patina look or sand them down and start over when sealing to make them look brand new.

We found this awesome tutorial to maintaining butcher block countertops from The Art of Doing Stuff HERE

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Butcher Block Vanity

Not quite sure you want to incorporate butcher block into your kitchen, but still love the look? Consider adding it into a bathroom with a vessel sink for a fun look. We have a full tutorial on how you can create a butcher block vanity.

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So, are you going to add butcher block countertops to your kitchen or bathroom? We’d love to see it! Tag us @construction2style on IG so we can see the butcher block in your space.

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