Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Countertop

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When it comes to renovating your kitchen there are so many different styles and options to choose from. From the cabinetry to appliances to the paint colors, ceilings, surfaces and floors. It all can be a very daunting task, but picking out the perfect surface in your kitchen doesn’t have to be.

Within our two past kitchen remodels there are a several things we have kept consistent and a few things we have switched up. However, in both of our kitchen remodels we have chosen granite countertops. When choosing the perfect surface for your kitchen, there is probably no other product in the house that comes in so many varieties and styles, alongside flooring.

Drury Design has put together a wonderful guide on how to choose the perfect kitchen countertop that will work best for you.  This guide includes the most popular countertop surface materials in today’s kitchen designs. Each material listed below has its own inherent physical properties, design applications, suggested use and care guidelines, and relative cost.

Kitchen Countertop Surfaces Comparison and Care Guide

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