6 DIY Landscaping Ideas to Update Your Property on Your Own

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Landscaping Ideas

It’s almost springtime, and you know what that means: it’s nearly landscaping DIY season! Spring is the perfect time to get outside and get some fresh air while improving on your home after being cooped up all winter.

The best thing about landscaping projects is that they are customizable. So you can pick a project and materials that fit your type of home.

To help you get started on some project planning, here are six DIY landscaping ideas that you can use to update your property on your own.

Improve Your Home With a Flower Bed Border

Flowers are an excellent way to add some color to your property with ease. The best thing about adding a flower bed border to your home is that they are highly customizable.

That way, you can find the perfect combination of colors and the ideal border accent to fit your home’s personality. Lobelias, moss phlox, and tricolor sage are some of the most popular choices for plants, but the possibilities are endless.

For the border itself, rocks, brick, stone, and wood are all up for grabs, but once again, your creativity is your only limit.

landscaping ideas
Courtesy of HGTV

Disguise Your AC Unit With a Custom Cover

A lot of us could probably afford to spend some time coming up with a solution for hiding our large, bulky AC units that sit right outside our home. What’s great is that the solution is pretty simple.

DIY AC Unit covers are easy to make, and once more, they are very customizable to your home and style preferences. Check out this modern example of a cover courtesy of Taryn Whitaker.

Get rid of that unsightly metal distraction and start working on your AC unit cover design today!

ac unit cover
Courtesy of Taryn Whiteaker

Add a Small But Fun Detail With a Garden Hose Storage

Another detail of your home’s exterior that you don’t think about turn your garden hose into a creative fixture of the outside of your home. There are tons of fun ways you can store your garden hose as opposed to just wrapping it up and leaving it on the ground.

If you need some inspiration, look no further than Pinterest. Wall mounts, wooden box covers, and posts to hang your hose from are all fair game. It’s a small detail, but a cute garden hose storage set-up can take your yard to new heights.

garden hose storage post
Courtesy of Garden Seeds on Pinterest

Transform Your Property With a Walkway

This project will take a bit more of a time commitment, but outsourcing the work to a local landscape company is also a viable option. Walkways offer a refreshing way to experience your property.

Whether you want to create a path from a detached garage or allow access to the woods from your deck with a walkway, this DIY project will give your property a whole new feel. Mulch, dirt, stone, brick, wood and all sorts of materials can be used to create a walkway that is unique to your home.

They will require maintenance and cleaning throughout the year to keep them in tip-top shape, so keep that in mind.

landscaping walkway wood
Courtesy of Pallet Furniture Designs

Attract Eyes With an Island

Placing an island on your property with trees, shrubs, plants, or flowers is a surefire way to add some greenery to your property. It’s a fun project that never stops, as you can always update the types of plants you use. It’s also an excellent place for an apple or other fruit tree and can be an excellent centerpiece for your yard. Once completed, your lawn will be the envy of your neighbors. Another DIY project that will take maintenance, your work will be well rewarded as your island steals the show in your neighborhood.

6 DIY Landscaping Ideas to Update Your Property on Your Own
Courtesy of Homiku

Warm Up the Nights With a DIY Fire Pit

The biggest benefits that fire pits provide is that they create a place for family time, as well as a place to entertain and socialize with guests. Whether it’s a beautiful summer night or a crisp fall evening, fire pits are an essential part of the home. Concrete stones are a favorite in terms of materials to use, and they are a great detail to any type of home, whether it’s traditional or modern.

6 DIY Landscaping Ideas to Update Your Property on Your Own
Courtesy of HGTV
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