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We’ve been taking in and soaking up all of the fall feels this year. I’m not sure if it’s because of the coronavirus, or being prego and moving a bit slower than usual but life just seems to be moving a lot slower this season and we’re all about it.

It’s made us really take some time to do things we haven’t done in what feels like years and even try out some new things. We’ve been making it a challenge to do something fun together as a family with each new week.

We hit up the Apple Jacks Orchard in Delano, MN for the first time, have started family movie nights where we take turns picking out a new movie and testing new popcorn flavors, went to a new corn maze, and have been making our own scavenger hunts to find new things in our yard…like pumpkin cookies! Who would have known those grow in our yard? Ha!

Here’s some fun we had at Apple Jacks, and below we’re sharing 10 fun family activities for your fall adventure inspo, including 10 more apple orchards to check out…which we will for sure be doing! 

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We shared about our scavenger hunt on Instagram and asked you all what your favorite fall activities are and we rounded up our favorite top 10! As well as all of the orchards that were recommended checking out here in Minnesota. Most we haven’t been too, so we are very excited to add this to our list this season.

10 Fall Family Activities 

  1. Go on a nature scavenger hunt.
  2. Pick apples or pumpkins.
  3. Try out a new trail and go on a hike! 
  4. Go to a corn maze.
  5. Have a contest to see who can make the biggest leaf pile, and then have fun jumping in them! 
  6. Have an apple taste test.
  7. Have a family movie night.
  8. Get a white pumpkin & write all of the things you are grateful for in a black or colorful sharpie.
  9. Have dinner by the outdoor fire, roast hotdogs or chili over the fire, and make sure to have some hot cocoa with pumpkin marshmallows.
  10. Try out a new orchard!
    1. Luce Line Orchard | Watertown, MN
    2. Apple Jacks | Delano, MN
    3. Afton Apple Orchard | Hastings, MN
    4. Emma Krumbee’s | Belle Plaine, MN
    5. Aamodt’s | Stillwater, MN
    6. Sweetland Orchard | Webster, MN
    7. Gilby’s | Aitkin, MN
    8. Whistling Well Farm | Hastings, MN
    9. Fireside Orchard | Northfield, MN
    10. Minnetonka Harvest | Jordan, MN
    11. Jacobson’s Pine Tree Apple Orchard | White Bear Lake, MN

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We would love to hear from you all, what are some fun fall activities that your family does? Or new things you’ve been wanting to try? 

















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