Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide 1

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Father’s day is sneaking up on us and is right around the corner, have you picked up you Father’s day gifts yet? 

In previous posts, we’ve shared all the things Jamie uses and loves, but this year we thought we’d expand out a little bit and share more goodies beyond just power tools. I hope this is helpful for your shopping adventures and that you spoil the man in your life. 

Father's Day Gift Guide 2

Society Socks Subscription 

Jamie’s been wearing Society Socks now for a couple of years and loves them. Not only are they stylish, but they’re comfortable, and this company gives back in BIG ways. And who doesn’t need a good, new pair of socks regularly? Something we forget to get out and buy but could all probably toss a handful. 

Wireless Head Phones

Hopefully, Jamie doesn’t read this blog post because this is what he’s getting this year, the 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector. From mowing the lawn to working in the shop to working on his dirtbikes, I know he’ll be wearing this nonstop.

This innovative hearing protection lets you conveniently make and take phone calls while you’re on the job. Equipped with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, these ear-protective headphones allow you to stream the entertainment of your choice from your smartphone or other mobile devices while providing ear protection in noisy environments.

Custom Fishing Rod 

Jamie’s not much of a fishing man, but we know a lot of you have fishermen in your life! Our wonderful intern, Lisa, shared this source with us, something her husband would love, and I’m sure some of the men in your life too. Instead of a basic fishing pole, invest in a Custom, One of a Kind, Fishing Rod for that father in your life. 

Finish Hammer

Every household needs a good hammer in their home, and our favorite is the Fiskars Finishing Hammer. Our entire team uses these hammers no matter if we’re working on a simple gallery wall or demoing out an entire kitchen. The guys especially love the grip of the hammers, and how easy, safe, durable, and clean they are to work with. 

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Jones Sports Co 

You can’t go wrong with anything and everything on the Jones Sports Co website, especially if you have a golfing man in your life. From their golf bags, backpacks to apparel, it’s fashionable and good quality. 

Sit & Sip Cooler

Anytime we’re headed over to friends’ homes, we always have our cooler packed and this Sit & Sip Cooler will be perfect for when Jamie is headed over to a fire with the boys. His cooler and chair all in one, GENIUS! 

Lie + Loft

Jamie’s new favorite hobby is golf, coming from an entire family of golfing and golfing myself he had no choice but to start loving it. The only problem is now he goes 1-2 times per week with the guys, and I miss him! Haha! I recently came across these pieces of golf art from Lie + Loft and fell in love. How perfect for any golfing man in your life for their office, man cave, or they’d be perfect in your living room gallery wall! Not too manly, but also gives a little dose of what they love within your home as well. 

Born to Build

One of the things that Jamie and I do together when in the car, whether we’re on a road trip or having a co-working day running around, is read together. If we’re solo, we’re each listening to our own podcast, but when together, we usually have one book we’re reading together. The book we’re currently reading together and that Jamie loves is called Born to Build. 

People will ask you throughout your life, “Where do you work?” and “What do you do?” They never ask you, “What are you building?”

When conversations change to “What are you building?” the world will change.

Written for anyone trying to figure out how to make the most of their lives, Born to Build seeks to inspire entrepreneurs and ambitious, self-motivated people to build something that will change the world. A builder’s venture could be a small business that grows into a mammoth enterprise, a thriving new division in an existing company, a nonprofit, a social enterprise, a church, a school — anything that creates economic growth and makes a lasting impact on society.

Ear Hustle Apparel 

One of our favorite podcasts is Ear Hustle. When my little brother Noah was incarcerated, I started listening to this podcast, and it was mind-changing. I couldn’t get enough. I would tell Noah all about it, but unfortunately, he didn’t have access to listening to it inside of prison. So I had to tell him all the things that I was learning through it so he could too. And now that he’s out and can listen to it, he loves it as much as I do. For Father’s day, this is his gift, an Ear Hustle T-shirt. 

Still Kickin T

Another T-shirt for Noah for Father’s day is a Still Kickin T. My dear friend Nora started this nonprofit organization after she lost her husband to a brain tumor. She has since changed the world in more ways than one and has written a handful of books, all of which I sent to Noah while incarcerated. All of the books I highly recommend for Father’s day as well, such as “It’s Okay to Laugh, Crying is Cool Too.”

Today, Still Kickin builds empathy, encouragement, and economic relief for people in need. Our nonprofit organization is funded by outside grants and community donations. Also, proceeds from our benefit corporation are allocated specifically to the nonprofit to support our Heroes and other grant recipients.

Expandable Water Hose

We love this expandable water hose for washing cars, working in the garden, and playing with the boys. It’d make a great gift for any guy in your life!

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