Favorite Kitchen Rugs & Ways to Keep Clean

Favorite Kitchen Rugs & Ways to Keep Clean

It wasn’t until recently I found the perfect rug for our kitchen. One that hides crumbs, stains, food, and (even better) is comfortable when we’re standing and cooking on our feet, all day!

The style and decor are always the jewelry to our kitchen remodels, and that goes for the rugs too. And they’re not so easy to find! So today we wanted to round up a post on our favorite kitchen rugs and also ways to keep them clean. 

Favorite Kitchen Rugs & Ways to Keep Clean


Traditional + Neutral

You can’t go wrong with a neutral rug, especially when it is full of all the texture goodness! Neutral rugs are the perfect accent to a fun kitchen cabinet color or backsplash selection. Choosing a neutral rug allows the fun colors and patterns in your kitchen to remain the star of the show! Check out a few of our favorite neutral rugs for your kitchen! 

1. Maya Hand Knotted | 2. Anya Hand Knotted | 3. Woven Priya | 4. Natural Leather Dressage | 5. Hogan Hand knotted Mocha | 6. Dwell Multicolor | 7. Colca Wool Rug 

Favorite Kitchen Rugs & Ways to Keep Clean 1

Eclectic + Colorful

The exact opposite effect of using a neutral rug in your colorful kitchen, incorporating an eclectic and colorful rug is the perfect accent to a neutral kitchen! We love using a fun pop of color to spice up any space. Check out how we used a fun pop of color in our dining room remodel to add color to an otherwise fairly neutral space. We have rounded up a few of our favorite eclectic and colorful rugs below. 

1. Kilim Batik | 2. Ruby Rug | 3. Tufted Janan | 4. Brighton Printed Rug | 5. Kilim Batik Pink

Favorite Kitchen Rugs & Ways to Keep Clean 2


Jute’s natural fibers are soft and durable. It is the perfect element of texture and compliments any kitchen style. What’s even better – they barely show any dirt or mess! SCORE! Jute rugs don’t have to be simple either. Check out some of our favorites below that have added borders or patterns. But we think you can’t go wrong with a traditional jute rug as well. 

1. Leno Natural Handwoven | 2. Braided Jute | 3. Off White Jute Braided (our living room rug) | 4. Off White Chunky Loop |  5. Leno Black Handwoven | 6. Diamond Jute | 7. Jute Border | 8. Off White Chunky Loop

Favorite Kitchen Rugs & Ways to Keep Clean 3


I introduce to you one of the best inventions ever….washable rugs! Ruggable’s patented rug system comes with two pieces: a lightweight rug cover and a non slip rug pad. You just simply remove the rug cover, throw it in the wash, and it sticks right back onto the rug pad when done! The rug cover is stain resistant and contains an internal waterproof barrier. Genius, right!? Best yet, Ruggable rugs deliver in style too. Check out some of our favorites below! 

1. Linear Aztec | 2. Hudson Stripe | 3. Damali Black and White | 4. Delphina Delft Blue | 5. Nira Charcoal | 6. Dakotah Charcoal

Favorite Kitchen Rugs & Ways to Keep Clean 4

Vintage + Persian Style

Vintage rugs are a favorite here at c2s. We use them in most of our remodel projects. They add an element of history and character and they are already pre-distressed so you don’t have to worry about every little scuff or the wear and tear that naturally occurs! One of our favorite vintage rug shops is Kentucky Rose Designs

However, authentic vintage rugs aren’t always in the budget so we rounded up a few of our favorite vintage-inspired and Persian style rugs. Check them out below! 

1. Cambria Ruby | 2. Multi Ornate Medallion | 3. Winnie Printed Rug | 4.Peach & Light Blue Troya Runner | 5. Portrait Copper Runner 

Favorite Kitchen Rugs & Ways to Keep Clean 5

Favorite Kitchen Rugs & Ways to Keep Clean

Ways To Keep Clean

Now that you have scored your fabulous new rug you want to keep that baby clean and long-lasting! We are sharing with you our tried and true tips to keep your rugs fresh and clean throughout the years. 

Vacuum Regularly 

The most obvious way to keep your rug clean is vacuuming regularly, and by regularly I mean at least weekly. If you skip this step you risk dirt and/or other debris getting embedded into the fibers, making it even tougher to clean in the long run. Don’t forget to vacuum the underside as well!

We have the Roomba i7 and it was one of the best investments ever! This baby is up and running around our home all day long, so long are the days of actually pulling out our vacuum. This baby takes care of our rugs without any snags or hiccups. 

Shake & Air Them Out

Simply take your rug (and rug pad) outside, give it a good shaking and let it sit for a few hours. We like to do this every time we sweep or mop our floors since we need to move the rug anyway! 

Spot Clean with Vinegar & Water

Another extremely important step to keeping your rugs clean and long-lasting is spot treating them ASAP as soon as one of those whoopsies happens. There are so many homemade spot cleaning formulas out there but we like to keep it fairly simple by mixing white vinegar and water in a premixed bottle for easy use. Other household items to always keep on hand to tackle any and all stains include baking soda, lemon juice, and some form of natural soap or organic detergent. 

Pre Treat with Stain Prevention  

To make spot cleaning even easier try treating your rugs with stain prevention such as ProtectMe Premium Fabric Protector and Stain Guard. This environmentally friendly formula repels liquids and contaminants reducing bacterial and fungal growth. 

Deep Clean Once a Year 

If you really want your rugs to last the test of time you can have them deep cleaned once a year, especially if you have pets (or children for that matter, because let’s face it – they are messy!). Regular vacuuming is extremely important, but it doesn’t rid those tiny particles hiding deep below the surface. 

Favorite Kitchen Rugs & Ways to Keep Clean

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting c2s and our small business.

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