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The farmhouse style has been around for decades, from the classic farmhouses in the mid-19th century in rural America to the modern farmhouse design style today. Interior designer Billy Beson says, “This is not the old-fashioned ‘country’ style we tend to think of—with frilly curtains and lots of knickknacks.” Rather, “It’s streamlined with industrial edges. And it’s really easy to live with.” Chip and Joanna Gaines have also made this style very popular in recent years with their show Fixer Upper, by combining the new and old, vintage and modern to create warm, cozy, and personal homes.

Love the modern farmhouse style like we do? Here’s how you can bring it into your home and how to shop this style:

Neutral Palette

Modern farmhouse uses a variety of neutral tones including whites, creams, soft olive greens, and pale dusty blues. These neutral tones are contrasted by black, metal pieces which bring drama. Natural elements are also incorporated using jute rugs, simple greenery, and wood pieces.

modern farmhouse | construction2style

Photo: Fresh Home

Practical Design

Original farmhouses were built for hardworking families that needed a place to call home that was practical and could support their long days working the land. In the modern farmhouse style, practicality is still an important part of the overall design. Barn doors used to separate rooms, easy to clean fabrics, and open floor plans keep the design simple and practical for busy families that still crave beautiful design.

modern farmhouse | construction2style

modern farmhouse construction2style

Photo Credit: construction2style

Old and New

A lot of modern farmhouse designs incorporate vintage or antique materials combined with new elements. Modern chairs next to more traditional farmhouse table is a perfect example of how the two styles can easily combine. Modern farmhouse design focuses on antique pieces, such as vases, galvanized metal bins, and Edison bulb light fixtures mixed with clean, simple lines found in the modern design movement.

modern farmhouse | construction2style

Photo: Desire to Inspire

Industrial and Reclaimed Material

Shiplap is a big part of the modern farmhouse design and is used vertically or horizontally in various rooms throughout the home. Original hardwood floor is another signature element of modern farmhouse style. The use of reclaimed wood in beams, furniture, and shelving brings in a natural focus, while the industrial metal look used in clocks, mirrors, and pipe shelving allows for contrast.

modern farmhouse | construction2style

Photo: Robert Stilin

Shop this style:

modern farmhouse design style | construction2style

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