Home Tour, Master Bedroom

Home Tour, Master Bedroom 1

Welcome to our master bedroom! Our little cozy sanctuary. My favorite thing about this room, hands down, was the window that spanned the north side of the room. We never got around to putting up blinds and, to be honest, we loved it! The sunshine woke us up every morning, and the view was right out to the Mississippi River. With an amazing view like that, we always woke up in a good mood. Well, most of the time, haha. This room had wainscoting already, which we LOVED, so that wasn’t going anywhere. After new carpet, new windows, and a little paint, this room was good to go.


Here’s the before:


Doing this home tour is reminding me how happy I am to be moving into our forever (maybe) home. We’ve been so boring, haha! I think the things I am most excited about is getting pictures onto the walls. I just never took the time, or wanted to spend the money, to print out all of our family photos and hang them, since I knew we’d eventually be selling. Then I would just have to then replace all of them, and that sounded like a lot of work, so I just left our home super simple.

Master Bedroom | construction2style

That door right there to the right was our master bathroom. Which you can view HERE. That was another room, besides the kitchen, that went through the biggest transformation.


I picked up this mirror at Home Goods. As you know, I am all about all things gold!




Throw pillows are my favorite! We own way too many, but how can you not with all the fun new pillows they throw into the stores each season, and sometimes for so cheap. We wrote an entire post for you guys on where to buy our favorites for under $30.


So there you have it! Our super simple master bedroom. Here’s where we got all the goods:

Headboard | Wayfair
Grey Floral Pillows | Home Goods
Grey Pillow Shams | Pottery Barn
White Bedding | Target
Grey Bedding | Target
Grey Throw | Pottery Barn
Night Stands | Wayfair 
Lamps | Target
Heaven, Wall Color | Benjamin Moore
Gold Mirror | Home Goods
Black Wall Mirror | Pottery Barn


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