Master Bathroom Remodel

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We recently hired Chelsie Lopez for a new marketing video for our website. She came out to our home last weekend to finalize the video and even took some spontaneous fun shots of our completed master bathroom renovation.

She is just the sweetest thing in the world and I would highly recommend Chelsie for any of your marketing needs. She goes above and beyond and is just a wonderful human being and great resource. Check out the awesome images she took for us. Thank you Chels for capturing every detail of our bathroom remodel! We love you.


And here is what it look like when we bought this home. It was built in the 70’s and was in desperate need of updating. 


All the details and lots more pictures of the progress you can check out, HERE. 

2015-12_Molitor-Bath-37_2 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-66 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-65_2

2015-12_Molitor-Bath-70_2 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-66 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-64 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-63 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-56 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-55 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-52_2 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-53 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-50 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-48 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-47 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-46 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-45 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-44 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-37 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-36 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-35_2 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-33 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-23_2 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-13_2 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-12 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-10 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-6_2 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-5_2 2015-12_Molitor-Bath-3


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