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Greyson’s nursery. This is such a special room for us. As I’ve been saying, it’s a little sad leaving this house since it was the house we brought our first baby home to. So many memories in this home, especially in this room.

The joys of joys of preparing for our baby and creating our first nursery together. This is the space where we dreamed about what it would be like to be parents, the space where we rocked our little to sleep, and the space where we spent the long never ending nights of never sleeping…haha. So many emotions and so many memories. It will always be one of our favorites.

Greyson’s nursery is really simple and neutral. I didn’t want to go with any certain theme, becuase I had no idea what our little guy would be into. I also knew we would be on the move sooner than later, so I wanted to keep it neutral enough so we wouldn’t have to do too much to the room when it came time to sell this home.



I believe my mom picked this giraffe up from a garage sale, and let me tell you, it was our saving grace. It makes the sound of a heartbeat, along with a few other noises, but the heartbeat is what soothed his soul for these last two years. We just now packed it away for the move.

This little guy is Greyson’s buddy. He snuggles up to this thing every night. It is the softest little thing in the world. My old co-worker, Danielle, got it for him. I’m totally blanking out on the brand, but it’s a good one. I’ve gotten this same kind for my nieces. I do know you can buy them from Patina. And this blanket is his favorite! My bestie, Cameron, got this for him from Nordstrom, and I seriously could steal it it’s so soft and cozy. The bed sheet is from my favorite, Target. 


How adorable are these little shoes? Funky Monkey gave these to us, they are Greyson’s favorites! They have the cutest baby shoes and women’s accessories. They are a must to check out.


My cousin, Kirsten, also took the best newborn photos of our little family. I was always planning to do a big gallery wall for all the fabulous photos, but like a lot of things, I put it off and never got around to it. I guess it will have to wait for the next home.

You can check out all of his first time baby photos in his nursery here–> Introducing Baby Molitor.

Greyson Molitor baby nursery reveal

Greyson Molitor baby nursery reveal

Greyson Molitor baby nursery reveal

The curtains I got from West Elm. We had them in our last renovation home, and I was really sad to see them stay with the home. So when I found them on clearance again at West Elm, I snagged them up and knew they would look perfect for our little guy’s nursery. I found the blue whale from Patina, and the white washed anchor from Pottery Barn. I knew with those simple pieces, I would be happy with the look of the room. We got his crib and little bookshelf from Target, and the rocker from Walmart. I am not a fan of shopping at Walmart, but I was looking really hard for a glider that was functional, adorable, and fit the three of us. I searched the internet for a really long time, and seriously this was the only one I could find that we could afford. So, I had to buy it and we’ve absolutely loved it!







And there it is, Greyson’s first nursery. Sad to say goodbye, but I am already dreaming of the theme of what I’m going to do in his next big boy room!

Photo Credit: Chelsie Lopez Marketing & Production

Photo Credit: K Solberg Photography

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