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Welcome to another day of our home tour, our closet bathroom.

This room is literally so small we couldn’t even get a full picture of it. Haha! But, it’s one of our favorites. It’s the bathroom right when you walk into the home to the left. Most people think it’s a closet hiding behind the front door. It’s 3×7′, so it’s a pretty tiny space. But it’s the perfect space for a little pampering.


We didn’t do a lot to this room. The vanity was original, and I thought it was absoloutely adorable, and fit perfectly with the home. I don’t see a lot of tile used for countertops, and I am obsessed with hexagon tile. Lately, I’m really getting back into black tiles. And who doesn’t love a ton of gold?! So we didn’t touch this vanity.


The only thing we did to this room was put paneling up onto the ceiling and bead-board on all four walls.

The ceilings had popcorn texture so, once we scraped the ceilings, we added this decorative, thermoplastic backsplash panel. This provides a classic look of a traditional tin style for a fraction of the cost, and it’s much easier to install. We put up this backsplash panel from Home Depot, and then put back the original crown molding that was already in the room.

And how amazing are these chandeliers?? I have to give props to the former homeowner, becuase she did an absolutely amazing job picking out the lighting. There wasn’t one piece we didn’t use. She had two of these chandeliers in the bathroom, one on each end.


The gold mirror was also original to the home. My obsession for gold mirrors is very strong. I don’t think I’ve seen one that I haven’t ended up buying. It’s bad. Jamie won’t let me take any of the mirrors or lighting fixtures with me on the move, so I’m a little bit sad about that, but I’m getting over it.


I found this beauty at an antique store in Stillwater, MN. That town is loaded with amazing antiques, and this frame was one of the many I found there. It was $100, one of the most expensive home decor pieces I’ve bought, but gold is always worth it!

We talked more about the bead-board and how we installed it a little while back, you can read about it HERE. You can also check out the demo progress in that post as well: Bathroom Renovation. 



And that’s what we have on this room! I’m going to miss this quaint room.

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