Stillwater Master Bathroom Renovation, The Before

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Another project underway! This project is one we’re excited about because it’s for one of my favorite aunt and uncles! This means we get to see them that much more.

You know those aunts and uncles you have that you can drink, laugh, and cry with? They’re basically your second parents, but even better because you can share all your secrets with them and they won’t judge or yell at you. Hehe. This is them.

The project is in Stillwater, which is even better because we can’t imagine a more glorious place to spend our summer.

The bad news is that they live on the water, have a boat, and have either been gone every weekend or the water has been too high and they’ve shut down the river. We may have to delay their project a little longer…haha!

It’s always a little nerve-wracking working for family. We’ve heard it all from our peers, family, and friends- they tell us time and time again, not to work with family. But we have now renovated six homes of my families and they’ve all been a success, not one bad experience. To us, it’s all about the relationship family or not, and if you don’t get good vibes…run! Our family has actually been our biggest referrals and advocates.

We just got started on this project so for now, we’re just going to share the before…

Stillwater Master Bathroom Renovation, The Before 1

Jamie and Topher have spent the last month demoing and it has been quite the process. Any time we work in a condo things get a little more tricky. Being that the condo is on the 3rd floor of the building you spend a lot of time hauling all the old materials up and down the elevator.

Being I didn’t do any of the demo, I’m having the guys take the post over from here. Take it away, Topher….

As most demo goes, it can get very messy. Extra precaution is taken in order to keep the condo as well as the halls and elevator clean. This means double bagging garbage, using a dolly to haul everything and making sure you leave no trace of dust, and calling for a lot more inspections. Tile can be hard to remove and in this bathroom there was a lot of it.

Stillwater Master Bathroom Renovation, The Before 2

Once all the tile was removed we were left with sheetrock on the walls and gypcrete on the floors, being in a condo. Needless to say we spent a good amount of man power breaking up the gypcrete and old shower floor. When the floors were at a desirable height we moved on to removing the sheetrock. We were left with a nice surprise because the sheetrock was 3 layers thick. Along with the abundance of old tile, we now had 3 layers worth of sheetrock to deal with. After countless trips on the elevator, multiple truck loads and even a trailer full of garbage, we had finally stripped the bathroom down to a desirable state.

Following this we needed to get every permit/inspection passed and this past Monday we finally got the green light. We’re currently in the process of putting it all back together again, so now that the boring stuff is over, we’ll share a lot more updates!

Stillwater Master Bathroom Renovation, The Before 3

Stillwater Master Bathroom Renovation, The Before 4

Stillwater Master Bathroom Renovation, The Before 5

Stillwater Master Bathroom Renovation, The Before 6

Stillwater Master Bathroom Renovation, The Before 7

Stillwater Master Bathroom Renovation, The Before 8

Here’s just a few of the new selections we’ll be brining in. We’ll be back to share the before/afters soon as we’re really close to the finish line!



Shower Handheld: K-98361-BN Awaken G90 Multi-Function Handheld Shower Head

Rain Shower Head: K-45201-BN Contemporary Round 8″ Rainhead with Katalyst Air-Induction Spray, 2.0 Gpm


Sinks: K-2355-0 Archer Ceramic Rectangular Undermount Bathroom Sink with Overflow

Stillwater Master Bathroom Renovation, The Before 9

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