House Hunting as First Time Home Buyers

House Hunting as First Time Home Buyers 1

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Ahh house hunting! Anyone else starting to look for a house as a first time home buyer?

I’m Jordan, the interior designer here at construction2style and my husband and I moved to the Twin Cities almost 2 years ago. We graduated from college, got married, and moved into our apartment. Coming from a small town in southwestern Minnesota, we weren’t sure how we would adjust to the city life, but we love exploring the area and the adventure of somewhere new.

Our First Apartment

Our apartment is in Maplewood/North St. Paul and it’s easy to get to Minneapolis and St. Paul and close to Matt’s work as well. There are a couple trails close by where we go for walks, our patio looks out to a pond and trees, and the amount of space has been perfect for us in this season. We’ve been able to host a lot of family and friends for dinner, games nights, and get togethers. It’s been an awesome fit for us, especially since we weren’t exactly sure where we wanted to live and starting to explore the city life.

House Hunting as First Time Home Buyers 2

Now the House Hunting Adventure

Now that we’ve been here for a couple years, know where our favorite spots are, and want to put down roots, we’re on the hunt for a home! Since I work in the design and remodeling world and Matt has experience with house projects, we aren’t afraid of something that needs a little work and that we can make our own. But, we’re still wanting something in a location we like, where we can grow, and that has good bones.

House Hunting as First Time Home Buyers 3

It can be a stressful season with homes going on the market and off the same day! We’ve been going to showings, looking at lots of houses online, and talking about what we love and don’t like. Another challenge is that there is an hour difference between where we work, so finding something more in the middle is part of what we’re looking for. We love the White Bear Lake area since it has more of the small town feel.

House Hunting as First Time Home Buyers 4

Here is our wishlist for our first home:

Willaby Wishlist

  • garage
  • 2-3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • over 1,000 finished sq/ft
  • less than 30 min commute for Matt
  • less than 40 min commute for Jo
  • room to grow
  • backyard space
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