It’s about that time to replace our deck…

Since our boards are rotting and we’re literally falling through them, it’s about that time to replace our deck. 

The Minnesota winters really take a toll on our decks here in the midwest. Last year we noticed a few saggy boards, and now this year, there are very distinct holes and that many more saggy boards, so we don’t think we’ll be able to get through another summer without one casualty falling through. 

We keep going back and forth on if we want to just fix the bad boards or completely redo the deck because replacing your deck isn’t cheap, but we’re thinking since it’s overall pretty worn out, it’s about that time. 

Things that indicate whether or not you need a deck replacement?

  • Significant rotting of boards
  • Noticeable damage such as holes in boards
  • Loose boards
  • Deteriorating ledger boards
  • Questionable posts
  • Age

All of which our deck has checked off the list! We even got some water damage in our lower level above the window, which falls right under our deck. So we think there are some issues with the ledge boards, and hopefully, a new deck solves that problem. 

Things to consider when replacing your deck? 

  • Maintenance
  • Materials
  • DIY or hire, budget, and cost
  • Time

These are all things we’ve been considering since last year when we noticed a few boards started rotting. One of the things we both knew we wanted was no maintenance, meaning composite decking. Composite is double the price as regular lumber; however, then you don’t spend each year refinishing and replacing boards. And for us, the price tag is worth that cost, especially for the harsh winters we get in MN. 

We used to do decks for clients, but we took that off our list of services. Because most clients don’t want to budge on the price tag of spending money on composite, but then the following year, we were getting called back to refinish and re-stain, which is inevitable when you live in Minnesota. This is something you have to prepare to do year over year if you go the maintenance route. 

Can’t wait to show you all the phases of what goes on behind tearing down, building a deck, and of course styling it at the end.

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