Our Kitchen Remodel | Live with WCCO

our kitchen remodel | live with wcco

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I’m so excited to be back live on WCCO this Monday morning chatting about our kitchen remodel. We’ll be live at 5:30 and again at 6:40 am. Just in case you aren’t up that early tuning in, I wanted to recap it for you here today.


You can rewind and read our before blog post here if you’d like –> The before of our very own kitchen remodel

Otherwise here’s a quick glimpse…

Our Kitchen Remodel | Live with WCCO 1

And an almost after…

Our Kitchen Remodel | Live with WCCO 2

We see a huge shift in kitchen designs and in our remodel we wanted to emphasize the elements we see going into homes. And to be honest, we wanted to do a little something our clients are a little nervous about doing, being we’re always trying to push them out of their comfort zones.

Wood cabinetry is back in the game along with black cabinetry and black walls, fewer uppers and more floating shelves, a statement backsplash using handcrafted tiles, and natural wood floors, shelving, and hoods.

Wood Cabinetry

Natural, black, colored cabinetry are all making their way back to the scene of kitchen designs. So long are the days of all white kitchens, even though I still think those will always be a classic look too. We went with this birch dayton style cabinets from CliqStudios. We wanted a black look but also wanted the wood grains to show through so opted for this choice. If we went with painted black there would have been no wood grains showing through.

Our Kitchen Remodel | Live with WCCO 3

Our Kitchen Remodel | Live with WCCO 4

Natural Hardwood

Oak wood is also back! Not the same as the yellow oak we all once had, but more of a lighter and natural stain on it. Oak gives a nice natural look. It’s a neutral color, has dimension and texture. We chose white oak for our floating shelves, and then Jamie made a custom wood hood out of white oak to match.

Our Kitchen Remodel | Live with WCCO 5

We still aren’t 100% if we’ll leave the hood white oak or paint part of it black. What do you guys think?

Our Kitchen Remodel | Live with WCCO 6

We also chose an engineered hardwood flooring, called Lambrusco from Urban Floor. I’m not sad to see dark flooring hit the road. We had dark in our previous homes, and it showed every hair and spot of dirt. I already love the natural looking flooring with our boys and all their race cars, and we don’t have to worry about one scratch.

Lambrusco by Urban Flooring Hardwood Floors | Light Flooring | construction2style

Handcrafted Tiles

We’ve been now more than ever buying homemade and, here in Minneapolis, supporting local. So as much as we could in our kitchen finishings we bought locally: Mercury Mosaics backsplash, Cambria countertops, CliqStudios cabinetry, Bellacor, and Timber and Tulip.

Our Kitchen Remodel | Live with WCCO 7

The entire intent behind closing this doorway off was so we could have one wall to make a piece of art! And I knew Mercury Mosaics was going to blow it away. I knew as soon as I reached out to Mercury Mosaics, they were going to blow us out of the water, and they did. We spent a couple of months collaborating on every detail from the overall design to each tile placement. It was magical.

We’re in the process of finalizing the tutorial and all the details of what it was like working with this team behind the backsplash. So check back if you want to know more about our custom backsplash!

Quartz Countertops

Marble-looking countertops are huge right now. And white countertops have and will forever be a hit if you ask us. At first, we wanted black countertops because we’re seeing people wanting to go back to black but being we took the jump to do black cabinetry, we wanted to make sure to keep the overall space in the kitchen light and bright, so we chose Cambria’s new Delgatie design. We were debating on a few different selections, and we literally asked our readers the day Select Surfaces was over to measure which one we should choose and Delgatie was the winner.

We also decided to do it in a matte finish. A matte finish was a must have for Jamie. And I love them, it makes the countertop look and feel a lot more natural.

Our Kitchen Remodel | Live with WCCO 8

Our Kitchen Remodel | Live with WCCO 9

Mixing Metals

We used gold hardware, gold scones, and gold pendant lighting. And yes, we had brushed nickel sink, faucet, and appliances. People are so scared of mixing metals, and we wanted to show our readers – it’s ok! It might not be for everyone, but if you’re like me, and you want gold accents but don’t want to splurge on the gold faucet, it’s ok to mix it up. You can mix metals.

Our Kitchen Remodel | Live with WCCO 10

Our Kitchen Remodel | Live with WCCO 11


Throughout the process of our remodel we wanted to give our readers as much of a breakdown on tutorials, cost, tips for surviving, and timelines as we could. We have a handful live on our blog, linked below, and a ton more coming. Every part of this process we documented to share with you guys. It’s just taking us a little longer than we thought to button up all the details and videos.

On the 6:40 segment we’ll talk through just a few of the tutorials that we have here on our site.

How to Tile a Backsplash

How to Create a Shiplap Statement Wall

Our Kitchen Remodel | Live with WCCO 12

Wainscoting Design Tutorial

Our Kitchen Remodel | Live with WCCO 13

And then we’ve also put these together for you too:

How to Remove Textured Popcorn Ceilings

The Before

Demo Day

Design Planning

Inspection Process

Clean-up Time

Our Paint Colors

Home Stretch

Styling Day

How to Throw a Blogger Brunch 

We’re also putting a few more tutorials together for you behind this project such as how we designed and tiled our custom backsplash, how to lay flooring, the process behind our cabinetry, and designing our range hood. So make sure to check back if you’re looking for tutorials on that. We’re also going to give one of our readers a free range hood from Zephyr, so if you’d like one subscribe to our emails, so you don’t miss the GIVEAWAY!


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