Wet Room Modern Designs for Small Bathrooms

Wet Room Modern Designs for Small Bathrooms 1

Hello! I’m Jordan Willaby, the designer behind construction2style and today I wanted to share with you a fun new project we’re starting demo on this week, a wet room modern bathroom.

Our clients came to us wanting to switch up the layout of their current bathroom that didn’t work well for them. Our crew went over to their home and immediately suggested closing the wall between the bathroom and closet to add more space to the room. When Jamie told us the plumbing could be moved, and our ideas were possible, we knew that was the way to go.

We decided to add another door from the bedroom into the closet, which will eliminate the need for the door from the bathroom to the closet, giving us more space. The cabinet next to the tub is going to get taken out, along with the current tub. For the storage they’re losing, we’re suggesting some floating wood shelves above the tub. We’ll also update the flooring, countertop, sinks, mirrors, fixtures, and put in a new shower and freestanding tub.

Morgan and I worked on the design selections and we are so excited that the clients were on board with everything we suggested. Check it out…


wet bathroom before

wet bathroom before

wet room bathroom before

With this bathroom, we’re incorporating a “wet room” look and design. You might be wondering what makes a bathroom a “wet room.” Basically, it’s a space that’s constructed with materials that are designed to get wet, which means that sometimes the entire bathroom has water-friendly materials. They can be large spaces with the shower and tub completely separated from the toilet and vanity area by glass walls, or they can be smaller bathrooms that have a large shower.

This project is a smaller bath, and by using modern finishes and adding wet room additions, like a walk-in shower and freestanding tub, it will be a show stopper!

Some of the benefits of installing a wet room include:

1. Space usage used wisely

In smaller bathrooms, wet rooms work well because you can eliminate the need for a bath if you don’t want one by replacing it with a larger shower. Having a walk in glass shower takes out the need for a door, opening up the space.

2. Easy to clean

Since the materials used in wet rooms are designed to get wet, bathroom cleaners can be used throughout the whole room. This disinfecting will help keep mold and mildew out of your bathroom.

3. Endless design options

Since wet rooms tend to have a minimalist design, they can feature fun materials like wood, concrete, and stone which add a “wow” factor to your space. Wet rooms are made to look stylish and almost “spa-like.”

For all of our projects, we like to create a mood board that shows before pictures, inspiration images, and selections to give the clients a feel for the overall look. It helps bring all the selections together to show how they work together and maintain the design style the clients want.

modern black bathroom wet spa

White oak is huge this year, and in this bathroom, it creates a good contrast with the black and white tile to soften the look and bring a lighter element to the design. Geometric black and white patterned tiles for the floor add a little pattern and flair to this bathroom. For the shower, we’re using black hex tiles for the floor combined with white subway tile for the surround, which creates a modern luxurious look, while still maintaining a classic design.

modern black bathroom remodel designs | construction2style

Above the tub, we suggested wood shelves that would be great for candles, books, and all those pretty plants.

modern black bathroom remodel designs | construction2style

For the layout, we created two options. In this one, the shower is opposite the vanity, and the tub is across from the toilet.

modern black bathroom remodel designs | construction2style

This option has the shower across from the toilet, and the shower head is facing the toilet since it cannot be on an exterior wall.

modern black bathroom remodel designs | construction2style


Which option do you think our clients will choose? Comment below!

We can’t wait to show you guys the progress behind this renovation. Make sure to follow our Instagram stories to see the behind the scenes of this project.


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