Nursery Concept Boards

Alright you guys, it’s crunch time! We are officially 31 weeks along which means we have nine more weeks to go before our little bundle is here. And…the nursery still looks like this…


Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of this “modern boho” look, which I’m falling in love with but not sure if it’s our style for our entire home. So I thought what better way to incorporate it than in our new little guy’s nursery.

Our goal is to create a modern look but very calming and earthy vibe. Traditional Bohemian is a lot more colorful and has a ton of different patterns and textures. But the modern bohemian style now is a bit more subtle. It still has the same textures and patterns but not only is the colors more toned down the pieces you bring into the space all have meaning or function.

And of course, there is still a wild and free vibe throughout the entire space, bringing in a lot of the natural elements such as flowers and plants.

We’ve been putting together some concept boards for the look we want to create. We’ve ordered a few pieces, and hopefully, in a couple of weekends, we’ll have the space put together.

Here’s a sneak peek of the look we’re going for…

Gender Neutral Modern Bohemian Nursery | construction2style

Cactus Bed Sheet |  Planter | Canopy | Wall Covering | Pouf | Basket | Drop Swing

And…some of the amazing spaces we’ve pulled our inspiration from…


Wit & Delight Nursery 


 Nursery Inspo

Hilton’s Fox Nursery


Mobile Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher Mobile

We can’t wait to show you the full “after” of the space here in a few weeks!




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