Our Baby Boy is 1

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Today is our baby boy’s birthday. We cannot believe this day is already here. Where did the past year go? It feels like yesterday we found out we were expecting and then planning our big gender reveal party and then welcoming him into this world. Time please slow down. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect last year. Greyson came straight down to us from heaven, we are so grateful. This year has been filled with so much emotion and so many memories. What is a mother to do with all of these pictures?? G is just the sweetest and most chill baby we could have ever asked for (except sometimes at night). He’s like his mother, he doesn’t want to miss out on anything!

He loves loud music, trucks, engines, wheels, dirt-bikes, yogurt, pancakes, & spaghetti. He is officially running everywhere and climbing on everything. He has even figured out that by pushing his truck up against things he can climb up onto them. And if you put him on his dads motocross bike or even a lawnmower, you better have nothing else planned for a few hours because there is no getting him off that thing! His favorite words are, “ugh-oh” and “da-dad.” He FINALLY slept through the night when I took him off the boob at 10 months (he still has his moments). And he gets 10 million squeezes and kisses from us a day, and he loves every second of them.

We are spending our last moments together on a camping adventure, taking in every last breath with our baby right now. I can’t even believe we now have a toddler. We’re having a little birthday bash for him this weekend and it is going to be filled with trucks….lots of trucks, tires, hammers, engines, and wheels. We love you more than life itself G. We hope we can give you the world!

Anyways, hope you all have a great week and enjoy reminiscing over our little babes with us! We love you.construction2style family

construction2style family

construction2style family

Family Photoshoot on couch in living room

Family Photoshoot in Kitchen | construction2style



One Year Ago

construction2style's newest construction worker, Greyson Stevan Molitor

construction2style's newest construction worker, Greyson Stevan Molitor


Newborn photos




Greyson Molitor


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