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UpCycling And Thrifting to Refresh Our Master Bedroom with Spray Paint | construction2style

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Last month we refreshed Greyson’s room into a big boy room, so we thought now was a good time to do our master bedroom.

For most of our married life, Jamie and I have never really had a full, put-together master bedroom. Out of our five married years, we’ve only had a headboard once, and that lasted for only about five months because we quickly upgraded the size of our bed with two littles now in tow who like to find their way into our bed for snuggles.

Thanks to Krylon® and their good ‘ol spray paint we were able to transform our room for under $100, by repurposing our mismatched items, thrifting to find some new goodies and upcycling it all with spray paint. And we did it in two days!

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So first, let’s rewind back to our dark dungeon…


Our Master Bedroom Refresh 1

Our Master Bedroom Refresh 2

As you can tell, we’ve been living in a hot mess! And you bet our floors are usually covered in clean clothes at all times (oh hey, one of our many 2019 resolutions.)

The other thing we both didn’t like about our room, was that our furniture didn’t match. There was no rhyme or reason for any of it. It still looked like we both took our college furniture and collided them into one space…which is partially true.

We had two cheap nightstands and a dresser that somehow made their way from college into our forever home. That dresser stood the test of time through eight homes, people! That baby is going to stand the test of time.

On top of that, we had beige walls, no headboard, and absolutely no decor.

It was actually quite a depressing space. For someone that truly believes (that’d be me!) that a person’s space reflects their mentality, mood, and energy one would think we’d have a happier space than what we did. But the other rooms in our home have been a higher priority over the last two years, I guess.

We went with four different Krylon® Brand colors for our overall color scheme in our room.

And total for this project we used less than 1 can each of both the Satin White and Metallic Gold, 3 cans of the Gloss Vintage Gray and 2 full cans of the Gloss Pink Blush.

Our Master Bedroom Refresh 3

The Krylon® Fusion All-In-One™ Gloss Pink Blush is what had us at hello.

And I knew that had to be our main color so we chose complimentary colors for everything else to center around the pink.

I built this headboard last year during a local DIY workshop and had no idea what color to finish it with at the time, being our room had no color scheme, so it had been sitting in our garage since.

Don’t worry, I hadn’t put the side legs on yet in this picture. And this was just with one coat of the spray paint. I did three coats of paint on this headboard and only went through 2 cans of paint. I probably only needed two coats but wanted to make sure it fully covered the headboard. Krylon has a detailed label that goes over all safety and application instructions before painting, which is awesome, if you’re unsure.

Our Master Bedroom Refresh 4

As soon as I saw Fusion All-In-One™ Gloss Pink Blush online, I knew that had to be the color of our headboard. Jamie knew there was no debating that too! Being I have to live with three boys, I at least get to have one thing in my life a little girly.


Our Master Bedroom Refresh 5

…and After

And you can tell we also painted all of our walls white to brighten up the place.

Our Master Bedroom Refresh 6

Our Master Bedroom Refresh 7

It went perfectly with my pillows too! The main pillowcases are vintage that my grandma hand stitched.

Our Master Bedroom Refresh 8

As you know, I’m all about those family mementos and my other Grandma is an artist too. We have a ton of her prints and these two I’ve been holding onto because I wasn’t sure where they fit in our home. Krylon® Fusion All-In-One™ Pink Blush brought it all together, and I finally knew where to use the pillows and prints from both my grandmas that had just been stuffed away in a closet waiting for the day.

The picture frames that framed the art were also really worn; I knew we were going to do gold accents and a gallery wall and wanted it all to match. I updated the frames with the Krylon® Fusion All-In-One™ Metallic Gold, and they looked as good as new!

Our Master Bedroom Refresh 9

(Don’t mind our outdated bathroom… that’s on our list next).

The mirror within the gallery wall I picked up at a second-hand store for $1, and spray-painted that Krylon® Fusion All-In-One™ Metallic Gold as well.


Our Master Bedroom Refresh 10

And that bench we scored for $8 that I knew would look perfect at the end of our bed. The pink fabric was perfect to tie in the with the pink blush headboard but wasn’t a fan of the dark brown legs. I knew they were nothing a little Krylon® Fusion All-In-One™ Metallic Gold couldn’t take care of, so I just spray painted the legs gold, and it made it look like it just came out of a store looking good as new.

Our Master Bedroom Refresh 11

I wanted to do another gallery wall on one wall and decided to put together a family collage above the dresser using metallic colors. The mirror fit perfectly with my other gold frames I had laying around throughout our house.

And hey, our once black, inexpensive dresser, that has made it through eight homes, got an update too! We wanted to make sure all of our nightstands and dressers matched so used the Krylon® Fusion All-In-One™ Gloss Vintage Gray for the furniture and updated all the hardware with the Krylon® Fusion All-In-One™ Metallic Gold.

Not gonna lie, I was even a little nervous to see how the spray paint was going to work on a prefab vanity where the veneer was glued on.

The top question on Instagram when we were spraying all these pieces was, if we sanded first? The answer is, we absolutely did not!

And look at how great it turned out! That’s the awesome thing about the Krylon® Fusion All-In-One™, no sanding, no priming…just spray painting! Talk about a time saver! For the three pieces of furniture, we went through four cans using three coats of Vintage Gray on each piece.

Our Master Bedroom Refresh 12

Again we probably didn’t have to do three coats and could have gotten away with doing two, but I wanted to make sure it was well-covered. We’ve had our room put together for over a month now, and with two littles who are always ramming their toys into everything we own, we’re happy to announce…not one chip yet!

It is crazy how even the spray paint goes on too. No blotches, no drips, no random streaks…every color dried perfectly even.


Our Master Bedroom Refresh 13

I’m all about thrift shopping. I’m also a reader and have at least 15 books stacked on my nightstand on any given night, so those cheap nightstands we had, had to go. You don’t even want to know how many times my books took those babies down.

I headed to our local thrift stores and immediately found these gems for a whopping $10 for both.

Our Master Bedroom Refresh 14

As I mentioned, we took all of the hardware from both the nightstands and dressers and spray painted those with the Krylon® Fusion All-In-One™ Metallic Gold to tie in all of the accents in the room. Loved how it made the nightstands pop and tied in with the accent color of our lamps.

Our Master Bedroom Refresh 15

Our Master Bedroom Refresh 16

Our Master Bedroom Refresh 17

Then we took the Krylon® Fusion All-In-One™ Satin White, shopped our own home, and spray painted old outdated pieces we weren’t even using such as this feather that was black. We’re now using it as our ring collector. We also spray painted a few frames in the space white.

Our Master Bedroom Refresh 18

Our Master Bedroom Refresh 19

Our Master Bedroom Refresh 20

Our Master Bedroom Refresh 21

It’s so happy waking up and going to bed in a bright, colorful space that we love instead of our once gloomy dungeon of a bedroom. It gets our creative juices flowing immediately. And thanks to Krylon or we were able to refresh this room for under $100 and in two days!

Our Master Bedroom Refresh 7

Master Bedroom Refresh with Upcycled and Thrifted Items and Spray Paint | construction2style


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