Pillow Sizing Guide

Pillow Sizing Guide 1

One thing I’ve never really done is splurge on our bedding or even our master bedroom design, for that matter. The only bedding we’ve ever gotten was one off our wedding registry…and it’s from Target, and we’ve had it since. And then, a couple of years back, we upgraded from a queen to a king and still had yet to invest in bedding or pillows. We would just fight over the blanket that doesn’t fit our bed. 

But now that we’re spending that much more time at home, and thanks to being pregnant and my daily naps, in my bed…I have decided it’s time to invest! We spent months researching how many pillows, sizes, fabrics, textures, color pallets, and once we had our minds made up, we took the plunge. One of the biggest things we learned was pillow sizing. Today we wanted to put together a post going over pillow sizing for your bed, whether you have a king or queen size. 

Start with your Color Scheme

First, when choosing your pillows, accent pillows, and duvet covers, start with your color pallet. We wanted to go with a modern boho vibe. I like clean white sheets, but Jamie not so much. 

This headboard will be going soon, but when soon is, we’re not quite sure. So I knew I wanted a color pallet that ties into the accent pink headboard yet gave us that colorful modern boho vibe. I wanted to incorporate calm, relaxing, earthy tone colors. And actually, the first thing I picked out was this accent pillow! I fell in love the second I saw it, and I loved how it brought in all of the warm earthy tones and had that subtle pop of pink. It was perfect. So we decided that accent pillow would be our color pallet. 

Whether you have a rug, headboard, or paint color on the walls that are staying, decide on the overall design and color pallet you want to go with before going down the deep rabbit hole of all the styles you can splurge on when it comes to bedding. This will help you start your search.

Pillow Sizing Guide 2

Choose the Right Size Pillows

Then you want to choose the right size pillows. This will help you know how many pillows and pillowcases you’ll need when you’re picking out your bedding because not all sets come in all sizes. 

Pillow Sizing Guide 3

We recently upgraded from a queen to a king-size bed, so we knew we wanted 6-7 pillows in total. We ended up doing two (king size pillows) in the back row, three 24x 24 pillows in the middle row, and the one 14×36 in front.

Pillow Sizing Guide 4

Find your Right Style & Comfort 

Now it’s time to find your right style and comfort! Do you like quilts, duvets, comforters, bedspreads, blankets, or coverlets? I’m a comforter girl with a duvet color kind of style. However, if it were up to Jamie, we’d just have a simple blanket. So instead of a big and fluffy comforter, we comprised with a thinner one. 

Choose your Comforter Design

Whichever style you choose, it’s important first to narrow it down before choosing your design, or the options will be overwhelming. It will also help you with your keyword search. 

Then it’s time to narrow down your design. If you know your color scheme, this will be easy! For our bedding, we chose the Candlewick Duvet Cover & Shams from West Elm. However, it’s on backorder, so we haven’t shown it on our bed…YET. But it was too good to go another route; we know the wait will be worth it. 

Pillow Sizing Guide 5

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1 year ago

Pillow idea is very awesome and useful. Thank you for the post.

3 months ago

I love the diagram of king and queen pillow set-ups but the queen version does not have an adequate pillow count. I pinned it to my Pintrest but would like to put an updated version.