How To Mix Patterns For Throw Pillows

How To Mix Patterns For Throw Pillows 1

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Hi everyone! My name is Laura Mitchell, and I’m interning for construction2style this summer! Probably like many of you, I came across Morgan on Instagram. I was immediately drawn to her positive attitude, infectious energy, and the value she provides to her readers and clients – YOU guys! I am so excited to work alongside the c2s crew as I complete my Interior Design Associates degree. Without any further ado – my first c2s blog post. I am sharing with you all my insights on how to mix patterns for your throw pillows! I hope you enjoy it! 

Throw pillows are like the jewelry to your outfit…the icing on the cake. They are the final design touch that adds the perfect punch. Do you ever come across those perfectly styled sofas or beds on Pinterest and think to yourself, “how, would they ever think to mix those patterns together!?” But it looks SO good!? Would you believe me if I told you there a few simple formulas to follow that will result in the perfect pattern mixing for your throw pillows, every single time? Do not fall into the basic “comes with your sofa” throw pillow trap and keep reading to learn these tried and true tips! 

How To Mix Patterns For Throw Pillows 2

Rule of 3

Design often works best when done in odd numbers. This is no different for mixing patterns and throw pillow arrangements. For throw pillows, stick with “the rule of 3.” Start with your lead patterned pillow (your must-have, absolute favorite fabric!), then incorporate a solid pillow (pulling one of the colors from the patterned pillow), and then finish it off with a stripe, dot or geometric pattern. Below are various formulas to incorporate “the rule of 3.” 

How To Mix Patterns For Throw Pillows 3

All 1 Color Scheme

Follow this formula if you want to add some pattern to your space, but would rather keep it within the same color scheme. This is great to try out if you are just starting to play around with pattern mixing! Just simply choose one primary color and use it for your lead pattern pillow, your solid pillow, and your stripe/dot/geometric pillow. Since the pillows are all within the same color scheme, the result is almost always fabulous! 

How To Mix Patterns For Throw Pillows 4

Consistent Color Scheme 

If you are ready to take your pattern mixing to the next level, you can follow the consistent color scheme formula. It is the perfect way to add pattern and color to your space. Mixing colors can be super simple if you follow the rule of 3s. Again, first, determine your lead pattern. This works best when you use a pattern that has at least 2-3 colors in it. Now, pull a color from that pattern and find a solid pattern pillow in that same (or close) color. Last, you will pull another color from your lead pattern and use that in your final stripe/dot/geometric pattern. 

How To Mix Patterns For Throw Pillows 5

Keep it Neutral – But Add Texture 

If you prefer your space to be more neutral, you can avoid it from feeling blah by adding texture! Try not to overdo it and just stick to one very textured pillow and then replacing that with either your stripe/dot, solid, or lead patterned pillow. In the below throw pillow combination, the solid pillow was replaced with a textured pillow. 

How To Mix Patterns For Throw Pillows 6

Pattern Mixing Pro – Play With Scale 

This throw pillow pattern mixing formula is for those who are ready to let their creativity shine! Don’t be afraid to just have fun with this! With this formula, you are selecting three different patterns, but the key is to vary the scale of the patterns. Select a large scale pattern, medium scale pattern, and a small scale pattern. You can either chose to use one consistent color palette or use the consistent color scheme formula to ensure all of the patterns are cohesive with each other. And remember to choose patterns that you love and won’t grow tired of quickly!

How To Mix Patterns For Throw Pillows 7 

Additional Tips

The fill material for your pillow inserts absolutely matters! We suggest using these feather down inserts. They will keep the form of the pillow cover, but also be extremely comfortable to sit against.

When styling a king-sized bed, we recommend using 6-7 throw pillows in total to get that full look! We recently shared a pillow sizing guide. Check that post out here

How To Mix Patterns For Throw Pillows 8

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