Quartz Countertops: 15 Kitchens that Use Quartz Perfectly

Our Favorite Quartz Countertops in Kitchens | construction2style

We love a quartz countertop! Quartz is the number one product we recommend when investing in your countertops. Not only because of their designs, but also because of the functionality.

Quartz is pretty much indestructible! No chips, stains, and it’s also nonporous which means chicken juice can’t creep in and cause mold, making it maintenance and bacteria free. Most quartz companies also have a lifetime guarantee. Yes, you’re paying more, but the value you’re getting is worth every penny. And you can’t deny how beautiful quartz countertops look. We love the clean, bold, and timeless look quartz gives. Today we wanted to share 15 kitchens that use quartz perfectly for your countertop inspiration.

White Quartz Countertops

White, white, white! We gravitate a lot towards white quartz kitchen countertops. As you know, we like to get bold with the tile and other colorful options within the space, like in our kitchen. In our kitchen remodel we used Delgatie by Cambria. Although Delgatie is pretty white on white, it has some sprinkles of warm cross gray movement.

Most of our clients, when we’re pulling out the white countertops, always say…”but is it too white?”

If it’s too white for you, contrast it like Studio McGee did here and do darker cabinets, bring in warm tones with wood floating shelves and barstools. Within this space, there is so much to draw your eye that it balances everything out and there’s not one doubt that, “it’s too white.”

Plus, with a good white countertop, it’ll stay clean because you’ll wipe off every crumb (ha!), and because countertops are a large financial investment, you’ll never get sick of a white design.

Subtle Gray Veining

We gravitate towards white countertops with gray veining, sometime subtle and sometimes more bold! It all depends on the cabinets, tile, paint, and hardware that you’re putting into the space. If you’re unsure with what to chose first within your kitchen design, we always recommend starting with sourcing the biggest financial investments, which is your cabinetry, countertops, and appliances. Make sure those are what you love and then you can let the rest play off of one another. We usually either love or hate something, or we’re like, “meh,” which means you don’t love it.

When working with our clients, we always start with cabinetry and countertops. If our client is all about the colored cabinet, we’re going to push them to do a white countertop with subtle gray veining. If they’re all about the white kitchens were going to push them to be a little more bold with the countertop, whether that is more bold gray veining or just a crazy fun, but timeless, design.

For this client, they knew they wanted to repurpose their existing cabinetry and have an all-white kitchen. We went with Revere Pewter for the cabinet paint color which is actually a warmer white and for the countertops went with Swanbridge by Cambria Quartz, which was also more budget friendly when looking at costs of quartz options.

15 Kitchens That Use Quartz Perfectly | construction2style

Jaclyn Peters is another designer that inspires me on the daily. Tile is my love language, but who would have known that you don’t even need tile to make an absolute jaw dropping kitchen!  I would love to have a green kitchen but to be honest; it also scares me. And she totally showed us all how to do it. Green cabinets, but then compliment them with a simple white wood panel backsplash, wood elements in floating shelves, and of course, a perfectly white with subtle gray veining countertop.

Source: Jaclyn Peters Design

From the black hardware, sconces, and lights, to the way she so perfectly styled everything, there are many things about this space that inspire me. She couldn’t have thought of a more perfect white countertop to tie it all in.

Source: Jaclyn Peters Design

Large Bold Veining

Skara Brae from Cambria is one of our new favorites for a bold quartz design. We’ve used this now in a couple of our projects and we are in love! Every time I look at this countertop, it brings me right to a sandy beach and almost gives a sense of calm. It’s a white countertop with a sandy beach streaming through it.

Skara Brae has translucent olive green veins that plunge in various directions with subtle white and black tributaries interspersed throughout.

We did Skara Brae mixed with this bold backsplash in the corner of a kitchen for a stand-alone statement bar. We also used it in another kitchen only on the oversized island as a focal point.

Brittanicca is another bold quartz design, but more subtle than the Skara Brae. What we love about Brittanicca is that it goes well with any kitchen design. It’s safe enough, but still makes a statement.

Countertop to Backsplash

A kitchen counter backsplash is great for anyone looking for an attractive, high end, and efficient design. Carrying the countertop up into the backsplash will be a show stopper to anyone.

Here’s just a couple of our favorite countertop backsplash designs that have stopped us in our tracks.

Source: Jean Stoffer Design and Kenowa Builders

Source: Studio 125 from Wit & Delight.

Source: Amber Interiors

Black & White

The black and white style is now making its way into countertops designs, coming in a lot of quartz styles. Whether you want something more modern and bold or more traditional, it’s sure to be eye catching.

Source: Cambria

For a more traditional, but still statement look we went for Ellesmere by Cambria in this kitchen design. Because of the busy pattern, we complimented the rest of the space with white cabinetry, black fixtures and pulled out the speckles of gray in the countertop and tied in a gray subway backsplash.

custom home build kitchen | construction2style

And a few from KBIS this year that had us on inspiration overload!

If you’re looking for more quartz countertop ideas we’re talking all about how to pair your quartz kitchen countertops with a perfect statement backsplash, here. 




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