Twin Cities Live, Refreshing your Laundry Room Space

Twin Cities Live, Refreshing your Laundry Room Space 1

How to Refresh & Organize your Laundry Room in a Weekend for under $500

Hey gang! Happy Tuesday! We have been busy bees this week already. And we have some serious cases of head colds, which are getting in the way of our hustle or chatting on live TV. Haha! Yesterday we were on WCCO talking home trends, and now today we’ll be on Twin Cities Live chatting about some laundry room tips:

  • 5 quick ways to quickly refresh your space
  • 10 easy ways to add storage for convenient organization

A huge thank you to Angi’s for sponsoring our laundry room makeover.

A couple of weekends back we spent the weekend refreshing and organizing our laundry space. We competed against nine other incredible DIY bloggers for a chance to win a little something for the best refresh. If you like what you see below make sure to click HERE and give us a vote, we’d love you forever and ever, and this is the last week to cast your votes!

As a lot of you know, we recently moved into a new home and little by little, slowly but surely, we’re going to be updating the rooms. First up on our list, the laundry room, since it’s where we spend a ton of our time. We don’t know how to keep ourselves clean after all, haha! We never had a mud room in our previous homes, so that was a must for the next home we purchased. When we toured this home and saw a private mud room/laundry room coming in from the garage, we were sold! The room had the bones we wanted, and it just needed a little refresh! And, as you can see, a lot of organizing.

Copy of File_004

Copy of File_000

how to refresh and reorganize your laundry room | construction2style | Jamie and Morgan Molitor

So we got to work…

5 Quick Ways to Refresh your Space

  1. Paint Cabinets

Light and bright was a must for our laundry room. Just like bathrooms, we like our laundry rooms looking and feeling fresh and clean! So we knew the dark cabinets and chocolate wall paint had to go. Thanks to our lovely readers we chose to repaint the cabinets Ellie Gray by Benjamin Moore, and we couldn’t be happier. We were going back and forth on white, grey or navy and we put out a poll on Facebook and grey was for the win.

This was our first time using this color and definitely not our last. Sometimes it gets hard to find the perfect gray when the blue, purple, or green undertones can vary so much. And as you know, we’ve learned the hard way when it comes to picking out the perfect paint colors. This Ellie Gray was the perfect bold gray for our space, and we couldn’t pick up on any undertones trying to show through.



  1. Make a Statement with an Accent Wall

We knew we wanted to do a fun accent wall, with what we weren’t entirely sure. Then we saw these inexpensive hexagon tiles at Home Depot and knew it would work perfectly to tile the entire back wall.


Nothing beats making an inexpensive statement! We went back and forth on gray or white grout, but in the end, we went with white considering we didn’t want to draw too much attention to the backsplash. Just subtle enough to make a pop! Plus we wanted to keep the room as clean as we could.


And if you’re looking for how to DIY your backsplash we got a tutorial for you here: How to Tile a Backplash


  1. Add New Hardware

Switching up your hardware is something that any non-DIY person can do (even with help from our little 2-year-old) and is relatively inexpensive.


A lot of times we always think we have to completely renovate the space when sometimes a few simple updates will do the trick. Hardware is one of those things we forget about that can make a world of difference. We scored these simple chrome hardware pieces for under $4 at Home Depot.


  1. Paint Walls

The hubby was sooo excited when I chose white to cover the dark chocolate-painted walls! Haha! Since we were going a little darker with the cabinetry, we decided white was a natural choice for making the room feel more spacious. As it’s a small room, the more open we could make it feel, the better. We decided on Simply White by Benjamin Moore for the walls, and it was love at first roll.

As you can tell, it completely opened and brightened up the room.



  1. Clean & Declutter

Sometimes when it comes to refreshing your space, all it needs is a little cleaning and decluttering. We started this project by completely clearing out the room and throwing everything onto the living room floor.

Copy of IMG_5026

Once we painted the walls and cabinets, we did a complete scrub down with the lovely magic eraser. Gosh, I love those things! We were contemplating redoing the floors, but that magic eraser is amazing and did the trick. All the knicks and marks were gone in seconds. I’m glad we ended up putting the costs of what we would have done for the floor to create the fun backsplash on the wall.



Once we scrubbed the room down and started putting things away, we realized we hadn’t worn or used a ton of the clothes and other items in years. So they went straight to the donation pile. We already feel ten pounds lighter and happier when we walk into our laundry room without all the “junk.”

After trimming the fat, it was onto making the room look beautiful and organized, my favorite! As we decluttered, we got to put the things we loved away…neatly. I’ve never felt so good! It’s not even spring, and I want to spring clean and organize every room in the house now, haha! An absolute must for me as we organized our laundry room was that everything had to have a purpose and place or it went into the donation pile.

10 Tips for Organizing your Space 


  1. Fold Away Iron & Board

We rarely iron in our home, but when we do, we can never find that dang ironing board! Haha! So I wanted to make sure it had a convenient spot in the room but didn’t take up any room. And those things aren’t small. What better way to store your ironing board than using an over the door hanging rack that holds both your board and your iron?

We scored this baby at Target for $9.99, and it was super simple to put together.



  1. Laundry Chute

Get excited you guys! We got a freaking laundry chute! This is another one of those things I had dreamed of in our home. It is SO awesome to take all of our dirty clothes from our room and our kid’s room and throw them right down the chute. Especially now, being super prego, there was nothing worse than hauling that huge, overflowing laundry basket down the stairs to get to the washer. And to be honest, I don’t even use our laundry baskets anymore, because I just throw everything directly down the chute. We know not all homes are laid out to incorporate these easily but, if it is, I highly suggest installing one.

how to refresh and reorganize your laundry room | construction2style | Jamie and Morgan Molitor

  1. Bag Laundry Sorter

And then we got the laundry bag sorter. It’s one of those purchases where I thought to myself, do we really need that?

I can already tell you it’s pretty awesome to sort the laundry as you dirty it, instead of going through your dirty laundry on laundry day and having massive piles all over your laundry room floor. And if you’re like us, they stay in those heaps for days. Best of all, they’re pretty inexpensive and adorable. We got these babies at Target for under $30.


  1. Slide out in Cabinets

Slide outs in cabinets is another must have you guys. Trust us. It’s pretty awesome, instead of bending over to pull out the trash you can just take that foot and pull it out. First world problems, haha! Seriously, you’ll never regret this purchase. We’ve now put them in all the rooms of our house, no joke. And you can get the same slide outs for not just your trash, but for your cabinets to hold all your stuff. They’re worth every penny.


  1. Organized Bins

Bins, bins and more bins.

IMG_5136We love our crates and storage bins. We found these wooden crates at Home Depot for under $10 and painted them all the same Ellie Gray by Benjamin Moore to match the cabinetry. They are super stylish, don’t you think? We own a ton of these crates, and I use them all the time for hauling things around. So they are a double whammy in the useful category, my friends.


We also scored this tin bin sitting on the dryer at Target for under $20, which we frequently us in the summer to fill with ice and drinks when entertaining. And everyone always raves and asks where we got them.

Bins in the cabinets are also a must, especially for those hard to reach top shelves. Load them with your stuff, and then you need to just reach for the bin to get it down.

  1. Labeling Ideas

And then, of course, you need to label those bins because if you’re like us, you’ll never remember what you put in them. Especially if they are on the top shelf and you can’t see into them. We did a few different labels since I couldn’t decide on one.

Copy of IMG_4999

We are big fans of DIY chalkboards so, of course, we went with little mini chalkboards that were glued onto burlap and strung with hemp rope.


These are super simple to DIY or pretty inexpensive to buy. We’ve seen them at Target and Michaels. Otherwise, we found these white gift tags in the Target dollar section for a ten pack. Score! How simple and cute to just close pin them onto the baskets.




  • -Mini rectangular boards (we buy ours at Michael’s)
  • -Chalkboard Paint
  • -Clothes Pins or Hemp String
  • -Burlap
  • -Glue

Paint the already cut boards with three coats of chalkboard paint. Glue the clothespins or burlap onto the back of boards. Punch a hole in the top of the chalkboards if you’re using the hemp to tie onto the crates. Ta-da. How easy is that?!


  1. Shoe Rack Organizer

Shoes! Shoes! Always a mess in our house. Typically they’ve gone into a large tote and then “buh bye” shoes at the bottom of the barrel, out of sight, out of mind. We picked up this shoe organizer at Target for under $30.


Shoe racks are hard to find. Most of the racks I’ve seen or bought fall apart quickly or look kind of cheap. What I loved about this was the wood slate on the top of the shoes. You can either use it for your shoes, or you can use it as a little table top.


You can also use a handful of crates to build up on top of or just use one or two like we did here. Again, using the insides to place your shoes or the tops as a table top.


  1. Brooms and Mops Organization

Typically our brooms and mops hang out in the corner of a closet and usually are a hot mess. So when we found this little gadget at Home Depot for under $10, we knew it was a win. Now our brooms and mops can hang out in style on the wall, away from the corner dust balls they never swept.


  1. Keys & Containers

How adorable is this key hook designed by Young House Love? Our favorites.

When we saw this at Home Depot, we knew we had to have it. Our keys usually just hang out on whatever table top is most convenient when we enter the door. As for the spare keys, we can never find those. Now we have this little key organizing hook that we decided to put in our closet, instead of the main laundry area itself. Sometimes less is more for the rooms people see, so we tried to keep the decor super minimal and clean.

As you can tell, we are also big fans of storage bins. Keeping everything simplified and in one place makes it easy to grab and go when you’re in need of your cleaning supplies and more. We picked up these cubbies from Home Depot for under $10 to keep our cleaning supplies organized.


  1. Drying Rack Ideas

Drying racks are something we use a lot. Up until now, our door frames have been our drying racks. We decided on a couple of different ideas for drying racks. One went above the sink since it seemed to scream our name for the perfect placement.

IMG_5186 (1)

The other one we can easily fold up and down and store in between our washer and dryer.


And with that, we did a happy dance! Our laundry room makeover was complete all in one weekend and for under $500. We’re kind of regretting doing this room first because all we want to do now is hang out in the laundry room since it’s now the cleanest and most organized room in our house. Haha!


Hope you can use a tip or two to refresh and organize your space on a budget. Check out our cost breakdown below.


Budget Breakdown:

Cabinetry Paint $48.74

Wall Paint $35.74

Primer $48.60

Grout $13.87

White Hex Tile $107.76

Wooden Crates $9.97

Key Rail $12.98

White Organization Caddy $5.97

Trash Bin Pullout $31.28

Over Door Ironing Board Hanger $8.98

Chalkboard Labels $7.99

Hardware Handles $25.13

Laundry Sort $39.99

Blue Baskets $5.94

Shoe Rack $27.99


Total: $460.84


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