Root Insurance Commercial Tile Wall Design & Install

Earlier this year an email dropped into our inbox asking if we would be interested in helping design out and install a one of a kind custom backsplash in Columbus, Ohio for a commercial space called Root Insurance. As soon as I looked them up online I immediately screamed, and said, ABSOLUTELY! 

We quickly jumped on a Skype call to chat details and walk through the space and we couldn’t wait to get started! 

Root Insurance Co is an app for car insurance in which you pay based on how you drive. It was really cool to not only learn about the forward-thinking brand but also the team behind it, who were all awesome to work with. 

These guys had found us off Pinterest, after coming across our personal kitchen and loved our backsplash. They wanted something similar, yet something that would be Instagram-able as this space was an area they were going to hold events. 

We came up with seven design concepts, some of which are shown.


We worked closely with Mercury Mosaics to create this space and make sure it would be a one of a kind custom statement wall. 

And after some back and forth, we landed on this one.

Once the designs were signed off, the tile moved into production and we had it shipped directly out to the space. 

Like most construction projects, everything was running a bit behind, but once Root gave us the green light Topher and Jamie packed their bags and flew out to Columbus for install. We flew out the week before they were about to host a large event in this space, so it was crunch time! The boys were able to get the space tiled and complete all within three days and the event went on! 

This was such a fun project to work on and we were so grateful for Root to reach out to us, trust, and hire us for the job! The boys got to know the crew a bit more while out on the job site and had nothing but great things to say. They even mentioned applying for a job there because of how cool the feel of the entire space and the people were. Hopefully, they have more fun projects for us in the future. 

And with a few days to spare before the party, they got everything wrapped up and the party went on! 

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