Somebody Please – By: Dennis

Somebody Please - By: Dennis | Noah Bergland | construction2style

Here is a poem from Dennis who we introduced you to this weekend, a new writer from prison. This poem he wrote is worth the read for the insight into the depths of despair that many people experience in a real and painful way in the depths of addiction.

“Somebody Please”

Where do you go
What do you do
When the world
It no longer works for you

Where do you go
When you are all confused
When you feel
You got nothing to lose

All by myself
I was all alone
Cutting through the fields
Staying off the roads

Nobody cared
Nobody knew
What was in my head
I was going through

Gun in my pocket
Ready to go
Didn’t wanna feel
This pain no more

The cold of the steel
The cold in my hand
The cold in my mouth
Nobody understands

You did it yourself
I am going to be told
Been telling me that
Since I was 10 years old

Pots and pans
Flyswatters too
Kicks and punches
I was black and blue

Right or wrong
This is all I knew
Standing in the mirror
I would beat me too


One thought on my kids
One thought on my wife
One thought on the trigger
One thought on my life

I pull the hammer
Too scared to shoot
Too much a coward
To see it through

Screaming in my head
Tears in my eye
Somebody please
Just help me die

How did I get here
Where I am at
My only solution
And I failed at that!

Here is the Introduction to Dennis

By Dennis: Choices or Changes

Somebody Please - By: Dennis 1

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1 year ago

I know Dennis personally… he is an amazing man… I know his whole family and you won’t find the integrity like theirs in too many people in this world today… get to know him… he can sing too!!!
Love you Dennis


[…] Somebody Please – By: Dennis […]


[…] Somebody Please – By: Dennis […]