Spotted at KBIS 2020: 12 Kitchen and Bath Trends to Watch

This past week, we flew out to Vegas for the Kitchen & Bath Show and International Builder’s Show. Last year was my first time attending the show, and it was cool to see all of the booths and walk around, but a little overwhelming being there for the first time. This year, I had a schedule planned out with what I wanted to see and brands I wanted to check out. The show is a great opportunity to make connections with brands, see new products hitting the market, and get a feel for the trends for the year. There were so many amazing booths, and after walking around for a couple of days, you could definitely start to see the trends emerging. Today, we’re chatting through the kitchen and bath trends we saw at KBIS.

Kitchen Trends

1. Color

Color was a major theme we saw at the show this year. So long are the days of just an island being a different color in the kitchen. From deep greens to pale blues, color will play a large part in kitchen design this year. We are big fans of color, so we loved seeing all of these colors in the booths. 

This was one of Delta’s vignettes at KBIS (below), and it was by far my favorite. Last year when we moved into our new home, Matt and I refreshed our kitchen and painted our cabinets a similar color. We love that this deep green is almost neutral, and it’s a great way to introduce color without going super bright or bold.

If you’re thinking about adding color to your kitchen this year, check out the 2020 color trends for home interiors.

2. Voice-Activated & Touch Technology

Voice-activated technology is now integrated into faucets, like Delta’s VoiceIQ system that works with Google and Alexa, and is becoming a standard part of the kitchen. Not only will this technology warm up your water, but it can also dispense specific amounts as well. We love Brizo’s collection of faucets that include so many different finishes, shapes, and accessories. Many of these faucets come with the Touch2.0 Technology, which makes turning your faucet on and off as easy as a tap.

3. Matte Appliances

While stainless will always be a staple for appliances in the kitchen, there is a wave of matte finishes coming in hot. From white to black, these matte finishes are great for families or for anyone who hates fingerprints, because they don’t show. We love the Cafe Appliance matte white and matte black appliances for a sleek and modern look. They can also work well with any style, as shown below in this mid-century mod vignette. 

And this 48″ matte white range with gold knobs and handles is STUNNING! One of my favorites from the show for sure.

4. Variety of Appliance Hardware

In addition to new finishes for appliances, the ability to customize your kitchen with the hardware is another trend we’re seeing. Being able to match your faucet or lighting finish with brass, rose gold, and matte black appliance handles bring a cohesive feel to the kitchen. It allows appliances to work with the rest of the space and become a more stylish part of the kitchen.

5. Suspended Shelving

Another trend we saw in the kitchen was the use of suspended shelving. This is a pivot from the floating shelves of the last few years and brings in a more industrial look. We love this concept for shelving over the island or on either side of the hood to bring in additional storage that isn’t as bulky or closed off as traditional upper cabinetry.

6. Smart Tech

There are ranges that will connect with your device to give you recipes and cook time, fridges that tell you what’s in your fridge and what you are running out of, and screens on hoods to show you a video while you cook. Most appliances have apps that accompany them, and you can easily connect while you’re away from home. The technology in the kitchen is becoming standard, rather than just a luxury.

Bath Trends

1. Pull-out spray

When walking through Delta’s booth, they showed us their new bathroom faucet that’s hitting the market this year with a pull-out spray incorporated. They are the only brand that has this in their bath faucets, and we thought it was so smart! So often, sinks can become dirty and messy, and we love this new addition for cleaning the bathroom sink.

2. More finish options

At all of the plumbing booths, there was a big focus on new finishes and providing more options to fit a variety of styles and designs. We love the variety for the bathroom, and it makes mixing metals a breeze. This was one of Delta’s new finishes for the bath, and it brings in a beautiful color with a sheen.

3. Gold Everywhere

From tile, to fixtures, to lighting, and more, gold is everywhere. We saw a lot of tile options that had subtle gold hues or bold veining like this large format tile below.

4. Customization

In the bath, the amount of customization that is possible is crazy. From interchangeable handles, to universal valves for the shower that allow you to change out the shower valve and trim easily, there are endless options. Many of the new plumbing collections have three faucet heights, along with multiple handle options. There are also handless options coming on the market for the bath that uses touch or hands-free technology. These faucets are great for a powder bath where guests are only washing their hands, and the need for temperature control isn’t as important. This creates a sleeker design and a cleaner feel in the bath.

5. Blue, Blue, Blue

Pantone’s color of the year for 2020 is Classic Blue, and you could see this color theme in many of the booths, especially in the tile. The tile companies all had blue tile in so many different shades, shapes, and patterns, which we are loving.

6. Patterns & Colors

Pattern in the bathroom is becoming a bigger trend as well. Delta is working on showerheads that have patterns applied to them to allow for more customization. This wall showed some of the patterns they’re working on getting into the market after their camouflage pattern was a big hit in the last year.

Kohler’s booth was full of patterns and colors, and this sink is the perfect example of that. Incorporating patterns into the bath brings personality and boldness to the space. If you’re not quite ready for a floral sink, consider wallpaper in a powder bath, or floral towels to bring in a pop of pattern.

Wow, what a fun week seeing all of the new products in the kitchen and bath world! Stay tuned to see how we incorporate these trends into some of our projects coming up this year.

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