Stair Runners: 6 Favorite Ways to Modernize a Staircase

Stair Case Runners

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A stair runner is a piece of carpet that runs in the center of the stairway. The edges are exposed, which allows the wood to show through on the sides.

They typically add a pattern or color to the space but are never made of a material that will snag or trip people.


Some of the benefits to stair runners are that they help with noise on the stairs. With the additional padding and fabric of the stair runner, it can significantly reduce or eliminate the noise when someone moves up and down the stairs. 

They also help with safety on the chairs by providing traction and more comfortable footing by cushioning the steps. It will also help with maintaining the quality of your wood since the stairs get a lot of traffic.

Installing a runner will protect the stair finish and prevent wear and tear. And they also add style and character to your home since there’s a large variety of patterns and colors that can be installed as a stair runner. 

Fabric and Fibers for Runners

Wool is a great material for runners since it is soft, durable, and long-lasting. Since the stairs are a high traffic area, flatter wool will hold up better.

Wool blends, like wool with polyester or nylon, keeps the softness but makes the material even stronger.

Other options include synthetic materials, like nylon and polyester, which are made to last. They are often easier to clean and can be made in a variety of colors and patterns.

Finally, natural fibers, like jute and sisal, are a more casual look but can be harder to clean.

Here are some of our favorites for stair runners.

Beige & Cream – Stark, Nerium in Linen

Stair Runners: 6 Favorite Ways to Modernize a Staircase 1

Touch of Blue – Andersen Tuftex, Only Natural II in Capri

Stair Runners: 6 of our favorite ways to modernize your staircase | construction2style

Neutral Herringbone with Bold Stripe – Peter Island Stripe Stair Runner in Graphite

stair runner

We took this picture when we toured Mark D. Williams Custom Homes Inc.’s‘ last masterpiece, that they had recently completed  in Orono, MN. This staircase features a neutral herringbone runner, which makes it rather versatile, and bold stripe adds a distinct character. 

Grey & White – Stanton, Bravo in Metal

Stair Runner

Diamonds – Melange Diamond Blue

diamond patter stair runner on wood stairs

DIY Stair Runner

We love this tutorial by House on a Sugar Hill on how you can create a stair runner yourself!

Stair Runners: 6 of our favorite ways to modernize your staircase | construction2style

Stair Runners: 6 Favorite Ways to Modernize a Staircase 2

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1 year ago

Can you tell me what the brand and color is for the Touch of Blue and Subtle Stripe runners?

1 year ago

Where do i find the touch of blue carpet?


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