Collaborating & Styling with JKath

collaborating and styling with JKath

Through our custom backsplash experience, Mercedes from Mercury Mosaics opened our eyes to what the true definition of “collaboration” meant. From start to finish, we collaborated on the entire process to create something epic, that both brands would be proud of and want to shout out to the world, together.

Collaboration: the action of working with someone to create something.

We’ve worked with a number of brands and different people throughout this wild ride of building our business and sadly we’ve been asked one too many times from the wrong brands and people “to collaborate.”

They didn’t mean “collaborate.”

They strictly meant…we tell you exactly what to do and then you write about it. We tell you the product to use, and there are no modifications, no collaboration. Or…you do all the work and sweat equity promising “things,” and we won’t give you anything in return.

That’s not at all how we roll.

Don’t get me wrong, the right people have approached us, and that’s why we are where we are today. Collaborating and being nice regardless, even if it’s a “no thanks,” in my book is the key to success.

I’m a giver and collaborator at heart. There’s nothing that gives me more joy than making someone’s life easier, whether that’s helping them with their social media marketing, recommending our favorite paint color to use, or referring them to all of our favorite people in our network.

After all, the DIY + helping people was where construction2style started. There’s no secret when it comes to sharing our work. If you don’t want to hire us, we want to show you exactly how to do it yourself. There’s nothing we love more than working alongside like-minded creatives to establish something much grander than we could have ever done on our own. We raise up each other, and measure our happiness by our group’s collective success. We thrive by encouraging and supporting one another, which pushes our feelings aside, so it’s never just about us. We’re motivated by community over competition.

When you find someone that clicks with all the values you stand for, you keep them close to you, which is what we’ve done with people like JKath.

We met this husband and wife duo only a couple of years back, right before they got hitched, and it was love at first sight. Our mutual girlfriend told us we had to meet and that we’d be fast friends.

After a quick coffee date, Katie and I flew out to Dallas, TX for a Create and Cultivate conference. We had known each other for maybe a month, but during that conference, it had felt like years, and I knew she was one of “my people.”

Since then, we’ve traveled to a number of places together and have done numerous collaborations. Multiple people have even thought we were sisters because we look so much alike, which I’ll take as a huge compliment.

JKath always asks us to collaborate in so many different ways, and without a doubt, they are always our HELL YES people.

When Katie asked if we could help style their recent whole house renovation for the Remodelers Showcase as a part of the Parade of Homes, I cleared my schedule and made it happen, no questions. She scored many pieces from Room & Board to help with the staging, and we brought the rest, unloaded our trunks full of supplies, and went to work for eight hours.

We weren’t alone, and we teamed up with the best of the best. We learned so much from one another, laughed way too much and got into the flow of staging. These are the moments when we pinch ourselves and think ‘THIS is what we get paid to do every day?” (and of course bossed Jesse around, sorry Jesse!). Our fellow collaborators included Erin from Francois et Moi, Jen from Paisley and Sparrow, and Jennifer from American Prairie Homes. Another reason why I love these guys is that they always introduce Jamie and me to the best in the industry to help us grow our own business. Jennifer has now been hands-on in a handful of our projects.

Let’s get to the fun part!

Check out these before shots…

Jkath Design, Build, Reinvent

Jkath Design, Build, Reinvent

and after!


I mean, seriously… can our friends get any more talented?!


It was a full home renovation plus addition… so get ready for a lot more pictures down below!

It was such a fun day and even more enjoyable collaboration! Both Katie and I received so many inquiries from other fellow Instagrammers wondering how they could get in on this action. It sparked our minds to create more collab opportunities with our projects coming together. We need to continue to lean on our community and find inspiration from one another. Are you thinking, “Hey I want in on the next gathering?” Shoot us an email; we’d love to connect and create Insta worthy spaces together.


Photography: Chelsie Lopez Productions
Backsplash: Cle Tile
Windows: Marvin Integrity
Countertops: Cambria White Cliff Matte
Pendant Lights: Visual Comfort
Dining Room Chandelier: Ballard Designs
Custom Cabinetry: Jkath Design Build + Reinvent
Hardware: Rejuvination
Mudroom Tile: Wayfair
Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter on walls and Balboa Mist on Cabinets
Appliances: Monogram Appliances
Styling Props: Room & Board





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