The Best Bathroom Fixtures

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style

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Let’s talk bathrooms! One of our favorite spaces to design and remodel in a home. Today we wanted to talk about all the fixtures that go into a bathroom design project and some of our favorites. When sourcing plumbing fixtures for a bathroom, we like to narrow down the options for our clients based on their style and what they’re looking for in their bathroom before going to the showroom. 

After we’ve sourced a couple of options for each plumbing selection, we set up a meeting at Ferguson in Golden Valley with our clients to see the fixtures in person. By narrowing down the selections before this, it is not as overwhelming when first walking in the showroom. Our clients know the general look they like and the finishes they are interested in, so it helps us focus on fixtures that work within their budget and bathroom design.

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style

Ferguson is one of our favorite showrooms because they have great customer service, lots of plumbing fixture selections on their floor, and work directly with our plumber for ordering. It’s a great one-stop-shop in terms of plumbing, and we love taking our clients there to see finishes and fixtures in person. We can meet with our rep and the clients, walk through the plan, and make sure we have all the plumbing fixtures accounted for. They send the clients home with a printed packet of their selections and send off the order to our plumber, so it’s ready to go once we hit that point in the project.


With faucets, the combination of options is endless in terms of design, finish, and installation type. Faucets are like jewelry to bathrooms, and we love finding the perfect one for each project. 

Wall Mount

Wall mount faucets are installed on the wall and can be a great addition to a powder bath, like the example below where it really pops off the floral wallpaper or adds a fun element to the wall. There are many different looks for wall mount faucets, including two handles like this one or a single handle like the Delta Trinsic wall mount or Brizo Litze with the handle & faucet in one.

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style


Widespread faucets need three holes drilled for install, and the spacing is 8″ from center-to-center of the outside holes. This is a great look for the master bathroom or guest bath. It allows for easy cleaning between the handles and faucet because they aren’t as close together as a center set or 4″ center-to-center, faucets. The Delta Trinsic widespread faucet, shown below in champagne bronze, is one of our all-time favorites because of its timeless look.

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style

With these faucets, you can adjust the amount of hot and cold water with both handles. Some people like this option to have all hot, all cold, or a mix of temperatures, but you can’t set the temperature like you can with a single hole faucet. Another of our favorite widespread faucets is the Delta Cassidy in brilliance stainless, which has a beautiful transitional feel.

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style

Single Hole

With single hole faucets, you only need one hole drilled for install. These are a great option for kids’ bathrooms because the water is mixed, allowing it to be set at a lukewarm temperature and turned on and off by lifting the lever. We love a good matte black finish, and these Delta Trinsic single hole faucets add a classic look to the kids’ bath and functional too.

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style


Sinks are one of those selections that’s easy to overlook since it’s easy to think it’s just a sink. But there are so many options! Do you want a vessel sink, rectangle, or oval? Straight lines or curved?


Vessel sinks are mounted on top of the countertop, which gives them a more modern look. These are great for powder bathrooms and guest bathrooms since they don’t get as much daily use as the master bath. One of our favorite vessel sinks is the Kohler Vox vessel sink, which allows you to mount the faucet on top of the sink.

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style      

Straight Lines

Another of our favorite sinks is the Kohler Archer under-mount sink. This sink has clean lines, a gradual slope on the bottom, and a middle drain. We love this sink for a transitional bathroom style.

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style

Curved Lines

The Kohler Ladena under-mount sink has curved lines, and the drain is located near the back of the sink. With the curved lines, it allows for easy clean up since nothing gets caught in the corners of the sink. We like this sink for a more modern style.

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style

Shower Fixtures

With your shower fixtures, you can stick to the basics or go all out with rain heads, body sprays, and handhelds. Most shower fixtures can build on each other, so you can determine what your wants and needs are for the shower and add on from there.

Keep It Simple

For guest bathrooms, a shower faucet and valve are really all you need, especially when it looks as good as the Kohler Purist in Vibrant Moderne Brushed Gold. This allows for a clean look and keeps the cost of plumbing down as well.

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style


For an upgrade that won’t add a lot of cost, consider adding a handheld to your shower. These are great in kids’ baths or for large showers because not only are they great for showering, but they also make clean up a breeze. Not wanting to wash your hair, but need a quick rinse off? This is the perfect option for that, as well. 

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style

Shower System

If you’re looking to make your shower the focal point of your bathroom, a shower system is a great way to make it shine and feel like a spa experience. This Delta Cassidy shower system includes a handheld, shower head, and body sprays to make the ultimate shower experience in the bathroom. 

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style


Who doesn’t love the look of a freestanding tub in the bath?! One of the aspects we love about Ferguson is the number of tubs they have on the showroom floor and how they encourage our clients to climb in them to test out the size and shape. Signature Hardware is our favorite brand for tubs, as they have so many different options from pedestals, rectangular, and oval tubs.

Deck Mounted Tub Filler

Deck mounted tub fillers are installed on the top of the bathtub and are a great option if you are limited on space behind the tub or want to save on costs. Deck mounted fillers are typically at least half the cost of freestanding tub fillers. This Kohler Purist Roman deck mounted tub filler matches the sink faucets beautifully and works well with the layout of this bathroom.

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style

Freestanding Tub Filler

If you’re looking to make the tub a true statement in your bathroom, we love the freestanding tub filler option. This matte black Brizo Odin freestanding tub filler brings a luxurious look to the tub and comes with a handheld option to clean the tub or rinse off after a bath.

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style


This is another selection you may overlook, but again there are SO many options when it comes to toilets. From elongated to comfort height, to two-piece, you can get really fancy when it comes to your toilet or stick to the basics. One of our favorite details for toilets is getting the matching lever to the rest of your plumbing fixtures, like this black one below. This simple detail really upgrades the look of your toilet and allows it to match the rest of the finishes.

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style  

Drains, Pipes, Valves…

And we can’t forget about the drains, pipes, and valves. What we love about Ferguson is that they ask about all of these details and include them in the order that goes over to our plumber. Matching the drain to your fixtures is a simple thing that makes a big difference. Including all the items behind the walls in the order so that our plumber has all he needs to get the job done saves a lot of time and makes for a simple order.

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style

And there ya have it! The best fixtures for your bathroom and some of our favorites. If you’re updating your bathroom or considering a remodel, head to Ferguson to check out some of the finishes and fixtures to get the inspiration rolling.

Shop Our Favorite Bathroom Fixtures

Black: 1. Sink Faucet | 2. Shower Fixture | 3. Tub Faucet
Stainlessl: 4. Sink Faucet | 5. Shower Fixture | 6. Tub Faucet
Gold: 7. Sink Faucet | 8. Shower Fixture | 9. Tub Faucet

The Best Bathroom Fixtures | construction2style

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