The Best Storage Solutions for Organizing your Home

The Best Storage Solutions for Organizing your Home 1

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After years of organizing spaces, I have picked up a couple of trends and tricks when it comes to selecting baskets for storage.

I am a big believer in everything has a place and sometimes the best place is a basket. Storage space in our homes can frequently be at a premium and a basket yields a high level of storage without a huge imprint or permanent fixture.

They work well for a variety of items and a variety of family members, even our dogs have a whole closet filled with baskets! 

The Best Storage Solutions for Organizing your Home 2

Some things I think about as I am assessing client spaces and the need for basket storage. Do you need to be able to see through it for it to work?

Clothing and shoes are typically a no. Closets already tend to look busy, so a closed or concealed jute basket in your mudroom is a better idea, especially if you are going for that clean, organized look. 

Here’s my favorite clothing basketOne important note here — make sure you are buying a basket that will not damage your clothing. Avoid items that could snag your fabrics or color transfer.

I often use lighter-colored baskets with a liner and avoid woven rattan or metal in this category. A basket or bin that is see-through is a must for any food items.

I would recommend something plastic, especially for the refrigerator. I always make sure whatever I get is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. The best refrigerator baskets are linked here

These are stackable AND you can label them.

The Best Storage Solutions for Organizing your Home 3

Pantry baskets are great for things that tend to move around a bit in your storage. Did you accidentally buy four bottles of ketchup?

These are great for your pull-out or shelved pantry. One must-have with pantry baskets, and an open front for easy grab-and-go items.

Here is a good example of a pantry basket we love. This company makes varied sizes and colors, but this particular size is my most used. 

Regarding your shoes, I have a couple of options here. Open-air baskets work well, but if you have shoes that you don’t want to just chuck into a basket, I would recommend either a fold-down style of shoe containers or a container store dupe that has a cover and runs about $5 each instead of $25 apiece.

One piece of advice for those people who tend to have sweaty feet or smelly shoes, save a silica gel packet from something you buy and place it in with the shoes. This helps absorb the moisture.

Reminder though, these are very toxic. Keep them away from children and animals. 

Click here for the fold-down style. And my Container Store dupe

What type of material will work best in your space? Keep in mind the color and textures in the existing space.

What is your vibe? And do you want the basket to flow in line with your room or be a focal point?

Also, who is using the basket, and how spill or stain prone are they in comparison with the ease of clean up?

mill street mudroom reveal | construction2style

Another important thing to keep in mind – Budget. You can spend a lot of cash on baskets.

There are well-crafted and high-quality baskets that deserve their high price tag and if it is the right fit and works in your budget, go for it. It is crazy how quickly the cost of these buggers can add up, so go into it with a budget in mind and find the right basket for your space at the desired price per basket. 

Lifestyle. This may be the most important component to take into consideration because it will help determine the material of the basket you need and the life expectancy for the item. If you have kids, buy something indestructible or that can be cleaned.

For an example of an indestructible basket, click here. If you’re looking for one that’s easily cleaned, click here

I also LOVE these vegan leather baskets. They are great for offices or more luxurious feeling spaces.

You can find them here

The Best Storage Solutions for Organizing your Home 4

Style and aesthetic of the space. Black baskets in an all-white closet?

Maybe not. Love a bohemian vibe, but your house is a clean-lined modern home, it may work, so don’t write it off! 

Can it be labeled? Does it need to be labeled? 

My favorite off-the-wall-choice is available hereSome styles have less structure, so if you think you will some additional help keeping it upright, add these inexpensive but great metal lining baskets to the interior of the basket.

The two most common sizes you will see are the 11 or 13-inch basket or cube. These are my favorites:

Best 13-inch basket | Best 11-inch basket | Best oversized square basket

The Best Storage Solutions for Organizing your Home

These are great for hats, scarves, and all of your winter accessories. Add a label plate right below the handle with ease and even more organization! 

My go-to inexpensive nameplates. These are plastic, but you can use permanent vinyl or chalk markers on them.

Are you wanting a little bit more elevated of a look for your nameplates? These are the best.

These work great for baskets or storage that don’t have a great place for a hanging tag. These are magnetic.

My favorite budget-friendly basket that looks more expensive than it is. I have these in my laundry room and I love them.

My vote for the most versatile? This basket can be low and long or a traditional 13-inch square.

Bottom line – Have fun with it! Make a workable, organized space that reflects your style and home with the help of some beautiful storage. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Although we get paid a commission when you click through our links, all opinions and content are our own and we stand behind all brands and products we are sponsored by.

The Best Storage Solutions for Organizing Your Home

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