The Invisible Man | By Dennis Cockerham

The Invisible Man | By Dennis Cockerham 1

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Dennis here, Noah’s friend. 

I just finished reading Noah’s writing, The Face of Addiction, and I really liked what I read.

Noah and I, we come from completely different backgrounds. Yet, here we are in prison. A result of addiction. 

It is my belief nobody sets out to do themselves harm. The fact is we do indeed harm ourselves. Proof we do not see it coming. It is common maybe so common that this very thread could be the link that gives birth to the opportunity. We consciously disqualify. Make ourselves unique. Separate from the possibility in so doing this. This becomes invisible. And as we all know, we cannot defend against something we cannot see. 

The Invisible Man | By Dennis Cockerham 2

The doorbell rings
You answer
Nobody there

You hear that sound out of place
See the fog on the mirror

Try to find reason
Make it all
Make sense

Another noise in the kitchen
Your body
It goes tense

Thoughts start to narrow
Your world
Gets small

The distance seems so far
The journey
Down the hall

Denial is the creation
The perception
This cannot be

The only person
I cannot see coming
The only person is me

By: Dennis Cockerham 2020


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