The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath

The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 1

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by KILZ®. All opinions and content are our own.

Welcome to the #WayzataClassicBath. This is the c2s team’s most recent bathroom design and remodel project in Wayzata, MN tailored for the fabulous Chris Freytag. A local health and fitness expert, blogger, author, and popular keynote speaker here in the Twin Cities.

If you are new to our c2s blog, welcome! We are Jamie and Morgan Molitor, a dynamic duo in both life and business, and the driving force behind our journey in home remodeling, interior styling, and the world of small media. Since 2012, we’ve been all about keeping it real.

The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 2

What started as a lifestyle blog has since blossomed into c2s, a thriving design and build business combined with a small media enterprise. With over a decade of experience, we’ve mastered the art of transforming houses and crafting spaces filled with joy, not only for our clients but for ourselves as well. We’re here to take you on a journey through every step, from design and construction processes to the intricacies of digital marketing.

Today we’re sharing the before, the why behind the project, and why we love and use KILZ® MOLD & MILDEW Primer time and time again. So whether you are a DIY’er or a home industry expert – this blog post is for you, as we’ll be diving into all the benefits of utilizing a primer such as this.


At first, Chris and her husband aimed for a cosmetic refresh since the space’s layout was already well-designed. Removing the jetted tub was a priority, and the only structural change involved expanding the shower entrance. Everything, except the cabinetry, underwent a transformation — from paint and countertops to tiles and fixtures. A complete makeover to match their vision! The whole goal of this project was to say goodbye to the beige and hello to white, white, white. A light and bright bathroom makeover! 

The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 3

The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 4

At our core, we have a genuine passion for remodeling primary bathrooms, and there’s a unique excitement when we embark on a total transformation while preserving the existing layout. It’s like unlocking the hidden potential within the familiar confines. Each year, we take on approximately 10 bathroom projects that follow this transformative approach, where we breathe new life into the space without altering its fundamental structure. 


There’s an art to retaining the essence of the layout while infusing it with modern elegance and functionality. It’s about enhancing the existing beauty, ensuring that every corner reflects the homeowner’s vision, and delivering a space that feels both rejuvenating and utterly luxurious. These projects allow us to showcase our expertise and creativity, creating bathrooms that are not just functional but also awe-inspiring havens within the home.

One of the best ways to do this is through paint! And KILZ® is one of our go-to brands, especially for bathroom remodels. In high-humidity areas, such as bathrooms, finding the right primer that can withstand moisture is crucial. That’s where KILZ® MOLD & MILDEW  Primer truly shines. Specially designed for these challenging environments, it forms a protective barrier that not only prevents mildew growth but also supports the paint, ensuring it thrives in its best condition. With KILZ®, you can confidently transform your spaces, knowing that your paint will stand strong against the challenges of high humidity, allowing your home to look its best for years to come. Say goodbye to worries and hello to enduring, vibrant walls! 

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The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 6

A classic bathroom remodel is like a timeless makeover that keeps things stylish and comfy. It’s all about simple lines, cool fixtures, and a calming color scheme that makes your bathroom a chill space to be in. Think subway tiles, vintage tubs, and those shiny chrome fixtures you love. Classic bathrooms never go out of style and give you a space that’s not just pretty but also super practical. Whether it’s the retro vibes of black and white or the cozy feel of wood accents, classic bathroom makeovers keep things cool and comfy for years to come.

The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 7

This project has been smooth sailing. Painting is underway, plumbing up next – and this project will be a wrap! Can’t wait to share the final reveal with you all soon. But today – we wanted to chat about painting and primer! Especially the importance of primer, something that is so often overlooked. We see so often those buying the cheapest primer or even worse, not priming at all. Once you get done reading this blog post – we hope you will never be that person.

The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 8

Importance of Primer

Priming is like the secret sauce for a successful paint job. It’s the difference between just getting it done and getting it done perfectly, ready for Instagram-worthy photos. Taking the time to prime is a smart move that can save you time and money down the road. With KILZ® Primers, you can achieve long-lasting results that you can show off with confidence. These go-to products always deliver the dependable and consistent performance you need.

The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 9

About KILZ  Products

Since 1974, the KILZ® brand has been a trusted partner for pro painters and DIY enthusiasts. They’ve got a lineup of top-notch coating products, including the industry’s go-to primer known for its toughness and long-lasting results. With time, the KILZ brand has built a reputation for quality and performance that’s won the hearts of many generations. And guess what? They’ve even got the stylish Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines® Paint collection in their arsenal. For more info and to find a nearby KILZ brand retailer in the US or Canada, just head over to Fun fact: The KILZ brand proudly belongs to Behr Paint Company, its headquarters being in Santa Ana, California.

The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 10

Go-To KILZ Primers

These are our four go-to primers when it comes to any project beyond the #WayzataClassicBath. And here are the differences between them all and why we love and use them. 

  1. KILZ® MOLD & MILDEW Primer 
  3. KILZ 2® ALL-PURPOSE Primer

The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 11

KILZ® MOLD & MILDEW Primer is your go-to solution for residential spaces that deal with high humidity, moisture, and temperature fluctuations, like kitchens, bathrooms, powder rooms, and laundry rooms. This water-based primer-sealer-stain blocker offers excellent adhesion on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, providing a solid base for paints to adhere to. What sets it apart is its EPA-registered ingredient, which forms a protective, mold and mildew-resistant layer on the primer surface, keeping these unwelcome guests at bay. It’s also a champ at blocking medium to heavy stains like markers, grease, ink, and more. Plus, it dries quickly, has a mild odor, has low VOCs, and can be easily cleaned up with soap and water. Just keep in mind, it’s not suitable for floors.

The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 12

KILZ RESTORATION® Primer is like a modern superhero for your home surfaces. It’s a water-based primer, sealer, and stain blocker that rivals the performance of traditional oil and shellac-based primers. This powerhouse takes on the toughest stains, from water damage and rust to smoke, nicotine, ink, and even pesky pet stains. But it doesn’t stop there—KILZ RESTORATION® Primer is also your go-to solution for sealing in persistent odors like those from pets, food, and smoke. You can use it on a variety of indoor surfaces, from drywall and woodwork to plaster, masonry, and even glossy surfaces. It’s the perfect base for water-based or oil-based paint, and it’s a game-changer when you’re replacing carpet or wood flooring and need to block subfloor odors. Say hello to your home’s new best friend!

The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 13

KILZ 2® ALL-PURPOSE Primer is your speedy, go-to solution for priming, sealing, and blocking stains on a variety of surfaces. This water-based wonder is known for its quick-drying, excellent adhesion, and mildew-resistant properties, all while emitting a very faint odor. It’s your trusty partner in blocking medium stains, such as minor water stains, rust, ink, and more, and it’s especially handy when you’re changing colors, reducing the need for multiple paint coats. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces like woodwork, drywall, masonry, and even glossy surfaces with proper preparation. You can confidently use it under or over water-based or oil-based paints, just keep in mind it’s not recommended for flooring projects.

KILZ 3® PREMIUM primer is a top-notch, quick-drying, and low-odor water-based primer-sealer-stain blocker. It’s got a very low VOC, making it environmentally friendly, and it excels in adhesion while providing a protective, mildew-resistant coating—perfect for areas prone to moisture. This powerhouse can tackle medium to heavy stains caused by water, tannin, ink, grease, and more. With its thicker, high-hiding formula, it’s a champ at concealing surface imperfections and prepping your surfaces for a fresh coat of paint. From indoor to outdoor projects, it’s versatile and suitable for woodwork, drywall, masonry, and even glossy surfaces with proper prep. Plus, it plays well with both oil and water-based paints, though it’s not the best choice for flooring projects.

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The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 16

The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 17

The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 18

The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 19

Stay tuned for the big reveal – before and after coming to the c2s blog soon!

 The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 20

The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 21

The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 22

The Power of Primer at the #WayzataClassicBath 23



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