The start of our basement renovation

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Let the basement remodel begin! This past weekend was a productive one. We have been meaning to tackle our basement all winter. With the weather being in the 40’s this past week it felt like Spring was around the corner so we thought we better get crackin! So Jamie and Greyson got to work!!



Before Demolition

Basement Remodel + How to DIY knockdown

We don’t have a ton to do to the basement. In the living room area our checklist is:

  1. Knock Down Ceilings
  2. Paint Walls
  3. New Carpet

So this weekend we tackled the ceilings…

bye bye popcorn…hello knockdown


We started by scraping the popcorn off of the ceilings. To scrape the popcorn off of the ceilings we filled a spray bottle with water and sprayed and scraped. We used sheetrock mudding knifes for our scrapers. They say to let the water soak in for more than a few minutes before you scrape…but if you know me…I don’t have much patience, we sprayed and scraped quickly. There are lots of recipes out there for the perfect mixture to make the popcorn come off easily, but water did the trick just fine for us.


Once we got the ceilings scraped we sanded the entire ceiling to get off the rough edges.


Once the ceilings were scraped and sanded Jamie mixed together the mud. There are a ton of different mixes out there that you can use. We used ProForm Lite Blue. They key is to just make sure the mixture is pancake batter thick and will work within the sprayer.

Jamie applied the texture to the ceiling by spraying it with a hopper gun. He then scarped over the mud with a drywall knife to knock it down.




Now that the living room ceiling is done next up is to tackle this ceiling (which I’m not sure what to call this room) and the stairwell.


Then we will be tearing out flooring…


And organizing our junk room… yikes…


Not only we’re we able to start our basement renovation Jamie spent Saturday helping our cousin Jake with a side job. They added a 36″ door into the clients garage to make it wheelchair accessible. Installing an electric lift will be next.

Wheelchari liftGreyson’s 1st this weekend

Sunday we spent the beautiful MN day ice skating! It was 40 degrees, which means that’s a heatwave in MN!!

FullSizeRender_1 copy

He had his 4 month check up and his 2nd round of shots didn’t stand a chance with these muscular legs!!



Being he is still not sleeping through the night our pediatrician suggested mixing some oatmeal in with some of my breast milk right before bed time help him sleep longer. First family meal where Greyson didn’t have to sit and watch us eat and instead we got to stare, ooohhh and awww at him! 🙂


And best party, Grammy Mary made a quick trip down to spend some time with us. 🙂


All in a weekends work! I would say we had a very productive and happy weekend! Despite the fact that this morning we work up to Greyson having pink eye for the first time. Another thing to add to his first’s! 🙁

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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9 years ago

Good thing the pink eye wasn’t from me since I had it in December. Love the picture of Greyson and Grammy

9 years ago

Oh my gosh, he is soooo cute!! I just want to chomp on his chubby legs haha!
Can’t wait to see how awesome your basement is going to be! Make sure there’s an extra room for the sister wife (me) 😉


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