Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal

Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal 1

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We’re back at the Tonka Town Treasure project! After our work on other areas in the house like the owner’s bathroom & main living room, the kitchen was next up on the list. 

The only request of our client was that the existing cabinetry stayed. Otherwise, they were open to enhancing the space to be more of their style – a good mix of timeless & modern to fit in with the exterior of their house as well. The kitchen had good bones – the existing walnut cabinetry was in good shape, there was tons of natural lighting, etc. but was ready to be elevated into a space our clients would be inspired by each day when they started their morning or ended their day. They wanted to space to be brightened up! 


When talking through design ideas with the client, they mentioned wanting to have the entire right hand wall of upper cabinetry to be taken down and instead be open/floating shelves. This would make the kitchen feel even lighter with the light toned backsplash we were going to add in. 

Tonka Town Treasure | Kitchen - Before 

The clients also wanted to get rid of their current hood vent and add in a statement hood and new cooktop. The door on the right hand side had also fallen off and they were waiting to replace it until this remodel. 

Tonka Town Treasure | Kitchen - Before

In the eat-in dining room area, we’d be adding in a statement light and helping source some furniture that made more sense for the space. 

Tonka Town Treasure | Kitchen - Before

Under Construction

Like any project, once we were under construction there’s always new findings of things we can and can’t do! We had to pivot our original idea on the hood vent and go for something a little more covered. But, the end result was just as good! 

Tonka Town Treasure | Kitchen - Under Construction


With the complete revamp of this kitchen, it felt like an entirely new space – even though we kept the original cabinetry. 

Starting out with the faucet, we went for something with clean lines and in a matte black finish to continue to bring the modern feel from the main living room into this space. 

Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal 2

We went with the Trinsic VoiceIQ™ Single-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet With Touch2O® Technology. If you’ve been around c2s for the long haul, you know that touch faucets are our jam – we truly can’t live without them and want them in every room of the home.

And now, Delta has added in yet another feature we love – their VoiceIQ™ technology. This technology syncs up with your smart home devices so you can control your faucet from anywhere in the home!

Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal 3

Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal 4

Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal 5

Delta’s Glass Rinsers are also now becoming one of the most asked for items in our projects, and one we can’t live without in our personal home. Our clients love the convenience of them for hosting parties, washing baby bottles, to water bottles in those hard to reach places, to wine glasses. 

Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal 6

For the hood, went with a flat, clean and sleek oversized wood hood that Jamie custom built, with a Zephyr insert for proper ventilation. 

Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal 7

The smallest details also can make the biggest impact – by changing out the hardware on the cabinets from nickel to matte black finish helps modernize the space immensely. 

In the dining nook, we replaced some of the canned lighting and added in this light fixture. It helps define the space from the kitchen but keeps the vibe cohesive. 

Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal 8

For the countertops, we went with Cambria quartz in their Hemsworth design, which is a favorite of ours! High-contrast, deeply saturated black veining cascades across a cool white background, intersecting with softer veins which pulsate and crackle. The deep veining in the light countertops helps with the contrasting black & white finishes throughout the rest of the space. 

Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal 9

Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal 10

For the backsplash, we went with Mercury Mosaics 3 x 12 subway tile. Hand cut, handmade and painted custom tile, our favorite! 

Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen

It’s crazy to think that this entire wall was covered in upper cabinets, and now it’s so open and bright. Still functional for plates, bowls & glassware, these floating shelves helped give our client exactly what they were hoping for. 

Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal 11

And we did all new Urban Floor, engineered hardwood, flooring throughout.

Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal 12

Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal 13

The sconce lighting was another favorite of ours! These came from Hennepin Made, which is another local vendor in the Twin Cities that hand blows these lights. Alongside our clients, we got to take a tour of their facility to see just how these are made. It was a pretty cool experience! 

Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal 14

Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal 15

Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal 16


Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal 17

Tonka Town Treasure Kitchen Reveal 18

And there ya have it! The reveal behind the Tonka Town Treasure kitchen remodel. Up next, their daughter’s bathroom also got a total gut and remodel. 

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