Ways to Customize your Home | Link- Up

Ways to Customize your Home | Link- Up 1

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Each week alongside our friends Sarah and Nick from Nestrs, Katelynn from The Inspiring Investment, Daniell and Michael from Clark and Aldine, and Lindsey from Building Bluebird we host a weekly link-up! And this month we’re chatting all about customizing your home whether that’s adding art to your space that tells a story, custom built-ins, special storage and more. If you have any tips, tricks or blog posts sharing ways that you’ve customized your home, make sure to drop your link below and help inspire one another. 

Accent Wall 

In this Craftsman design we did last year, our clients were all about going bold! We love a good accent wall and this statement wall tile did not disappoint. So if you’re looking for a fun quick way to customize your bathroom space think beyond just placing the tile on the floor and bring it up behind your vanity and to the ceiling.

Ways to Customize your Home | Link- Up 2

Tile that tells a story

You know we’re all about the handmade, hand-cut, hand-painted tile…because it tells a story! I absolutely love the story behind Mercury Mosaics, which we install in so many of our clients’ homes. Mercury Mosaics began as a boot-strapped operation in the founder’s art studio. After working in a handmade tile shop in Minneapolis, MN, and refining her trade in Italy, Mercedes Austin knew it was time to forge her own path to mosaics. She scraped up enough money to buy her first kiln by selling her jazz CD collection and using her tax refund. From this first kiln and her entrepreneurial spirit, she started creating her first works of handmade ceramic art. Mercury Mosaics started as one woman and has grown to many, inspiring artists everywhere to follow their dreams and get rid of the idea that an artist should be starving. 

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Add Personality

Talking about telling a story, I love when people bring their story and personality into their home such as through imagery like Clark & Aldine did here in their home with these adorable pictures of their family. I don’t think there is one room in Clark & Aldine’s home that doesn’t continuously inspire me. 

Think about different ways you tell your story and customize your home. Whether that is through imagery, maybe your grandma’s paintings, books you’ve read that made an impact on your life, furniture from loved ones, etc. 

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I also absolutely love how Nestrs brought in some personality into their Airbnb space by bringing in some love from their state! 

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Basement Bar

Another fun project we just wrapped up was adding a bar into our client’s basement. Such a fun way to add some customization to this client’s home and now will be the perfect place for them to cozy up or entertain in the upcoming winter months! 

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Suspended Shelving

Open, floating, or suspended shelving…another great way to add some customization into your home! We recently had Solid Metal Arts custom create these suspended shelves that we designed to incorporate into our lower level bar. A perfect way to add a little of our own style into our basement space. 

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If you’re looking for a quicker and more cost-effective way to add some customization to your home, instead of a tile accent wall, how about some fun wallpaper?! We’re all about adding some fun accent walls in wallpaper, especially in powder bathrooms and kids’ rooms. And we have a full DIY tutorial for you on how to hang wallpaper here on the blog

Vintage Wallpapers We Can't Get Enough Of | construction2style 

Loved what The Inspiring Investment did her in this space, where last week they also shared all about more fun ways that you can customize your home. You can check it all out here. 

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Update Lighting 

Although our friends at Building Bluebird renovated their entire kitchen (which you need to check out here because it is mind-blowing!) another simple way to add some customization into your home is by swapping out your light fixtures. I just recently replaced all of the boob lighting in our bedrooms with adorable flush mount lights and did three rooms all for under $100 and it makes the space look and feel like new! 

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So there are just a few of many ways to add some customization to your home! So now let’s see what ideas you guys have! Drop a link to all of your blog posts where you did some customization to make your house your home so we can all read and inspire one another.  

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