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Jeffery Court Design Challenge Week One | construction2style

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We are so happy to share that we’re joining the Jeffery Court Renovation Challenge. We’ve never done a renovation challenge before, so this is all new territory for us! If you’re wondering what these are, it’s a competition against a handful of other talented home design and renovation bloggers to transform a space in just six weeks. Pressure is on!

The day we decided we could join, design and tile selections were due the next day. That is what this is all about, right?! Taking chances and moving fast.

So we put our mood board together and chose all of our tile selections without even looking at one tile in person. Not gonna lie, we’re a tad nervous to see how this is all going to come together in real life. It’s either going to be super cool or a total meltdown. Ha!

At first, I quickly chose all of the tile selections, but then Jamie quickly put the kibosh on them and re-chose other selections. So we met in the middle with Windmill White, Nero Marquina, and Black Out.

For those of you that are new to our blog, Jamie is more of the designer than I ever am on any project. Or I should say he’s more particular and cautious. It’s a good thing though that he has good taste and knows what he’s doing because it always saves us in the end.

Slowly but surely, we’ve been updating our forever home. Right now our main level looks like a hot mess. We’ve remodeled half of it, but the other half still looks straight from the 90s with golden oak and beige tile everywhere! Our goal is to get the entire main level at least updated by the end of this year, so we’ll see.

When the Jeffery Court challenge accepted us into the competition, the biggest decision before what tile and design style we were going with was – what room to remodel?!

Since we knew we wanted to keep tackling the main level and that we cringe anytime a guest comes over and has to use our guest bathroom, we thought we’d tackle this space for the challenge.

Last year, we added a bathroom into our basement and we were pretty happy with what we did to the space, so we thought we’d play off of that room but try to do something a little different.

Here’s what we’re currently working with…

Our Current Bathroom Situation

Week 1, Guest Bath | Design Challenge 1

Week 1, Guest Bath | Design Challenge 2

Week 1, Guest Bath | Design Challenge 3

And we’re ready to say goodbye to the beige tile, golden oak, and a vanity that’s so low it’s starting to give us a backache… and we don’t even use it regularly.

Week 1, Guest Bath | Design Challenge 4

Week 1, Guest Bath | Design Challenge 5

Since we have two other bathrooms with tubs in them and this is our guest bathroom, we decided we really don’t need a tub in this bathroom, so we’re saying goodbye to the tub too.

Week 1, Guest Bath | Design Challenge 6

Our Design Inspiration!

I’m a big fan of the white oak, white walls, and gold finishes right now and Jamie is all about the black and white tiles with black trim. This bathroom is truly a mix of both of our favorite design elements! So here’s the inspiration we pulled together for our guest bathroom!

Construction2Style Bathroom Remodel - One Room Challenge | construction2style

For this bathroom, we’re incorporating the black and white look that Jamie loves, along with gold accents that I love to show off both of our styles. To achieve that look, we chose black 4×16 Nero Marquina for the shower walls and Black Out mosaic tile for the shower floor to make a statement and bring in a more dramatic feel. With the main bathroom floor, we want to keep it light and bright, so we went with the Windmill White tile. A large black mirror over a floating white oak vanity will allow the space to have a minimalist design, while still making a big impact. Adding black crown molding and gold touches in the fixtures and light will complete the look!
C2S Bathroom Remodel | construction2style
We’re still contemplating if we leave this wall behind the toilet and vanity blank or not. I’m thinking about adding wallpaper or floating shelves while Jamie has some wainscoting ideas strumming up in his head, so we’ll see where we land with that throughout these six weeks.
C2S Bathroom Remodel | construction2style
We’ll post updates weekly on the blog as we’re updating our little guest bathroom, so thank you for following along! This is going to be fun! And of course, we’ll try to throw in as many tutorials as we can for you all too and will sharing behind the scenes on our Instagram stories.
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