Week 3, Guest Bath | Tiles are in!

Design Challenge Week Three | construction2style

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Welp, after demo week with the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge we got put on a little halt because honestly, we’re drowning in client work. Jamie’s been putting in 15 hour days, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, and we’ll be back at it spending nights and weekends on our place soon.

And it’s officially voting week! This is when we’re going to need your help. Click –> HERE <– to vote!

And we need some voting help on our tile layout today too. Materials are starting to trickle in for our bathroom, however, the plumbing fixtures haven’t made it quite yet which means we really can’t do much until we have those in hand. First, we need to have all of the rough-ins done before we can even start tiling, so we’re still kinda at a standstill until we get those plumbing items.

Our tiles from Jeffrey Court and lighting from Dutton Brown have arrived and we’re already screaming with excitement!

Week 3, Guest Bath | Tiles are in! 1

These lights we sourced from a local Minneapolis company, Dutton Brown, and you know how much we love supporting local, so we were happy to incorporate some local elements into our bathroom. My favorite days are when materials start arriving, it always feels like Christmas! You can finally see your vision come together in real life, even if it’s not installed yet. Wait until you see the fixtures we ordered! We didn’t go with the original ones in our mood board because we decided to cut back on our budget….but they are still fun!

Week 3, Guest Bath | Tiles are in! 2

Today we wanted to talk tile because we need your help!

As we mentioned, we didn’t look at any of the tiles we chose in person before we ordered them so we were a little nervous about what was going to show up and what the tiles would look like in person. But sometimes life’s more fun when you’re spontaneous, right?!

We wanted to try to choose something different that we haven’t done before in any of our homes. We’ve been doing a lot of black and white bathrooms for our clients spaces so we knew we’d love that overall look, but we also wanted to chose a tile style that we hadn’t used before.

Choosing the black tile was the biggest thing that made us the most nervous. We didn’t want anything that looked too gray, we wanted a true black, but we also didn’t want it to look dated. Black tiles can be tricky!

Once we got them in hand, we knew we had made the right choice!! I think paired with other tiles it might have been a miss, but we think it plays off the other tiles we chose well and gives that modern design style. However, now we’re debating our layout! This is where we need your help.

We were originally going to do the tiles horizontal in 1/3 offset, but now we’re thinking we might do them vertical stacked instead. But if we go vertical do we stack them or do we offset them?

Tile Options 1, Jeffery Court Design Challenge | construction2style

Tile Option 2, Jeffery Court One Room Challenge | construction2style

Tile Option 3, Jeffery Court One Room Challenge | construction2style

Leave us a comment and let us know which design layout is your favorite!

And can’t wait to get our client projects back on track so we can keep pushing forward with our guest bath.


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[…] you remember back to week 1, 2 and 3 when we kept talking about the tiles we chose and how nervous we were since we hadn’t seen […]


[…] you remember back to week 1, 2 and 3 when we kept talking about the tiles we chose and how nervous we were since we hadn’t seen […]