Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal

Bathroom with a bidet toilet.

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Embarking on our main-level bathroom remodel was a six-week challenge that promised both excitement and a touch of apprehension. This space, doubling as our guest bathroom situated just off the guest room, held immense potential for transformation. Our vision was clear: to optimize the functionality of this compact area while elevating its aesthetics. Transitioning from a tub to a walk-in shower was a priority, a decision fueled by a desire for modern convenience and sleek design. The solution to maximizing the limited space lay in our choice of a floating vanity, a strategic move aimed at creating an illusion of openness and providing an airy feel to this intimate area.


Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 1

Our guest bathroom was the quintessential representation of a 90’s-style space, sporting a dated ensemble of brown walls, beige basic tiles, a golden oak vanity, and fixtures in all their bronze glory. Its aesthetic echoed a bygone era, lacking the modern flair and contemporary charm we envisioned for this pivotal area in our home. Eager to bid farewell to the monotony of browns and the overpowering presence of outdated fixtures, we embarked on a journey to redefine this space, infusing it with a refreshing touch of modernity and timeless elegance.

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 2

Slowly but surely we’ve been renovating our home to make it more “us.” Our kitchen was our most recent space we just remodeled and this bathroom is right off the kitchen and the two styles were not working for one another.

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 3

Since our kitchen is black and white with some fun and different tiles, we wanted to bring that same look into this space to complement it, but also do something a little different.


Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 4

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 5

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 6

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 7

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 8

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 9

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 10

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 11

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 12

If you remember back to weeks 1, 2 and 3 when we kept talking about the tiles we chose and how nervous we were since we hadn’t seen them in person before we chose them. After we got them, we fell in love, but were still a little nervous about the black tile and that it might make it look dated. Jamie just kept saying it reminded him of his grandma’s house. ha! But…I had a vision and that was to make it look like we had all black walls for the shower surround, which is a look we recently did in a client’s home and one that I’m loving on right now! And I think that’s exactly how it turned out. Especially with the pops of gold fixtures.

We also debated on black or white grout for the floor and I’m so glad in the end we chose black for grout because I think that it really brightened up the space and just gave the whole shower a more modern look. If we had gone with black, now then it might be looking more like Jamie’s grandma’s bathroom.

Finishing Design Selection Links

Gold Round Mirror | Light Fixture | Faucet |Sink| Shower Wall Tile | Shower Floor Tile  | Floating Vanity – custom by c2s | Main Floor Tile | Toilet Paper Ring – Stain Brass Finish | Towel Hooks (by shower) | Towel Ring (by sink) – Stain Brass Finish


Under Construction

Now, let’s rewind to these past couple of weeks since the last time we chatted over our project. Once the new concrete was laid, we got our new shower waterproofed and then tiled. Even though we do home remodeling non-stop, sometimes I forget how much time these things take. Jamie spent at least 10 hours one day getting the new shower waterproofed and prepped for tile.

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 13

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 14

Our new shower fixture all roughed in!

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 15

Jamie pitching the drain perfectly…

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 16

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 17

Got our floors laid out in the pattern we wanted it…

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 18

And of course, our little dudes helped along the way and were so proud of the bathroom “they’ve been building.”

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 19

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 20

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 21

In Week Five, we asked our readers for help on tile design. We were initially debating between 1/3 offset horizontal or 1/3 offset vertical or just stacked horizontal. Jamie ruled out stacking, like below, but after our readers chimed in, the majority vote was stacking like we ended up doing…so you can tell who runs the show around here….haha!

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 22

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 23

What Jamie really wanted in the space was black crown molding. I was a little hesitant, but he has good taste so I said, let’s go for it! And again, so glad we did. It actually made the room feel a lot taller than before because it draws your eye up to the ceiling.

Our Guest Bath | Before & After Reveal 24

And after pulling an all nighter to get this baby wrapped up in the nick of time, we did it! I always love a good challenge because it makes you truly get stuff done. Without Jeffrey Court, who knows how long our basic bathroom would have been chilling around here.

This was such a fun challenge to be apart of, despite the lack of sleep! It’s fun to get pushed out of your boundaries a little bit and see what you can do. After we wrapped this up, I said to Jamie…ugh oh, now clients are going to know that we can renovate a space in 6 weeks. And Jamie replied, well only if they can’t drop one change order, be picky and choose finishings within hours time. ha! Which is so true! Not sure if we’ll have find one of those clients.

A huge thank you to Jeffrey Court, the judges, the other 14 bloggers and all our readers.


Disclosure: Some of these links within this blog post are affiliate links. This does no harm to you, but does support c2s and our small business – thank you. 

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  1. Sorry for the late reply! Just added the links in for you. Mirror is Target and the Light is Dutton Brown. Both linked in the blog post.

  2. Can you please post a link for that sink and toilet paper holder? It’s exactly what I’m looking for!

  3. Hi We love this look! Can you share of list of links for your materials? Especially the gold mirror as well as the sconce?

  4. Where did you get the wood that’s jnder the sink? I’m trying to find one for my half bath

  5. Well thank you for showing up and reading! Means a lot. And shoot, was trying to find the link and I can’t. But we did get it from Build.com and it was a super reasonable price too. They have a lot of great options that we spec for shower doors.

  6. I’m new to your blog. This bathroom is awesome! Can you tell me where you got your half shower door? I like how it’s so open and think it really makes the space.

  7. Hey Christine! We hadn’t, and still have yet to go buy a waste bin… ha! But we need one!! And right next to the bathroom is the guest room that has a large walk in closet so we decided to convert that into the storage necessities for our guests. We did consider doing floating shelves over the toilet for storage or adding baskets under the sink but decided for now, we don’t need it. That may change though. πŸ™‚

  8. Is there any storage place for an extra roll of toilet paper? Especially as it’s a guest bathroom and a guest may not know where your extra storage is? what about towels? Was there a waste bin?

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