Always Trendy Pristine White Kitchen Cabinets

Always Trendy Pristine White Kitchen Cabinets 1

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White kitchen cabinets

Are white kitchen cabinets here to stay or is the trend moving on?

All-white kitchens have been very popular in recent years, but we are starting to see a shift.

Instead of all white on white, white kitchen cabinets are now being paired with other pops of color, tones, or textures.

They’re being paired with things such as custom tile, different color lowers, maybe the island, or other unique elements to keep them from being too stark such as white oak floating shelves or bold lighting. 

White cabinets will always be a timeless choice, in our opinion. But thinking beyond just all white everything will allow your white cabinets to be anything but boring.

If you love the white cabinet look but want to bring in some color and uniqueness to your space, here are some of our favorite complements to white cabinets that we’ve done. 

Different Color Lowers

When choosing white cabinets for your space, consider adding another color to give your space depth and dimension. Whether through different color lowers or an island painted another color, switching it up can make your space different and new.

In this kitchen, our clients loved the idea of white uppers to keep the space feeling open and bright. For their lowers, we went with Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore to add deep, beautiful color to the space.

Are white kitchen cabinets here to stay or is the trend ending? | construction2style

Countertops with Drama

Even though the kitchen below is all white, the veining of the countertop on the island adds movement and variation of color.

If an all-white kitchen has always been your dream, consider pairing white kitchen cabinets with creamy, gray, or black countertops for something different and unexpected.  It will provide contrast and help break up the white so it doesn’t seem so sterile.

modern white kitchen | construction2style

Warmer Whites

Another way to switch up the all-white vibe in your kitchen is through a warmer white tone. There are so many different types of white, and the tones can make all the difference.

Neutral, like a muted grey, creamy white, or light tan can be a fun twist on white cabinets, while still achieving the light look.

warmer white kitchen cabinets | construction2style

Handmade Tile

At c2s, we are ALL about custom and handmade tile. It’s such a fun way to bring in color and your personality to your kitchen. Also, it breaks up the white and adds a pop.

In the kitchen below, the mix of greens, tans, and whites in the diamond turned hexagon design complements the white cabinetry and hood. 

white kitchen | handmade tile | construction2style

For this all-white kitchen, the handmade fish scale tile mixed with gold accent lighting brings the white kitchen cabinets to another level. Since the backsplash tile has a shiny finish, it stands out and breaks up the all-white cabinetry.

With the lighting, the gold and black finishes contrast the brushed nickel faucet and hardware, which gives depth and dimension.

white kitchen | handmade tile | construction2style

Mix with Wood

We love this look by Becki Owens of the white and wood mix! White oak is hitting the kitchen scene, and it’s a beautiful wood species and finish.

When paired with white uppers and hood, the wood lowers ground the space and bring in warmth, while the white keeps it bright. Adding floating wood shelves to your white kitchen is another way to bring in the rich wood tones, while still keeping your white kitchen cabinets.

white kitchen mixed in wood | construction2style

In conclusion, all-white kitchens may be going out, but white kitchen cabinets will always be a timeless element in the kitchen.

Bring in personality and warmth through wood elements, handmade tile, and subtle color to keep your space fresh and unique.  It’ll be a kitchen you’ll love for years to come.

Always Trendy Pristine White Kitchen Cabinets 2


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