5 Days to-go until Prison Time | Noah’s Story

5 Days to Go Until Prison Time | Noah Bergland | construction2style

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Hey all, Noah here.

If you’re new to the blog we have all my backstory here…but long story short about this post…on judgment day the judge asked if I had any request and my one ask was to be present on my sister’s wedding day. And he granted my wish. My trial was in June and her wedding was in August. So throughout her wedding, I had 5 days to go until prison.

So my sister’s wedding was the last weekend that I was a free man. I was self surrendering to Milan, Michigan a few days after on the 3rd of September.

5 Days to-go until Prison Time | Noah Bergland | construction2style

These are the last memories I have to look back on of being a free man and I had a blast and left it all on the dance floor. There were laughs and tears, but even though it was my sister’s big day I was still thinking about me.

When I went down to the Cities, I had different expectations than my family on how the weekend was going to play out and what I was going to do. I wasn’t going to bail on any of the wedding plans and I wasn’t going to disobey my mom even though I ended up doing just that on the final night, but I still fought her tooth and nail the whole way to try make it about me.

So first, I had a group of friends come down to the Cities as well, ready to party. They weren’t invited to the wedding or reception so they were just ready for me to cut off at certain moments of the weekend and come hang out with them, like I always did in the past, such as during home visits to Roseau for holiday weekends.

The first couple days were great. I hung out with the family, we did pictures for the wedding, which I have posted all over my photo albums on Facebook, and look back at regularly as my time moves along in prison. The wedding reception was amazing I had a blast and cut a rug all night with my daughter and all the amazing people that stayed and shut it down that night.

I probably drank too much, but hey, what the hell, I was going to prison. Which was a common excuse for me all through pre-trial. Throughout the night I was just going around trying to find which lucky lady was going to take me home and by the end of the night I had maybe found her.

Then as we piled in the car and were pulling out of the driveway, I rolled down the window and yelled, someone tell my mom I am staying at the Hyatt, and then I heard my mom’s voice. She yelled, “Noah, you are not leaving, you are staying with us at Jesse’s.” I of course argued and then when that failed, I pleaded, and then finally begged.

In the end she looked and me and said, “You need to be there when Melrose wakes up!” And I knew she was right. So, she opened the door and pulled me out from under the girl who was sitting on my lap, and it was definitely one of the more embarrassing moments of my life.

The next day we went out to Jamie’s parent’s house and I got to see where Jamie grew up. It was a nice relaxing day, more pictures and more memories, but I was also just thinking about that night.

Macklemore was playing at the Minnesota State Fair and all my friends were going and I was concerned about how I was going to get away and attend it.

I finally decided just to ask my mom and she said no, this weekend is about family, but she said she would give me the night before we left for Milan to go out with my friends. I was disappointed to miss the concert, but ecstatic that she was going to let me go out at least one night with my friends. That afternoon Lynn took Melrose back to Grand Forks, emotion stirred inside me as I said goodbye, realizing that I wouldn’t see her for at least 6-12 months. The next morning at Jesse’s I also said my goodbyes to my grandparents and my siblings.

Then I was off, back to my old life, dealing with my problems the only way I knew how…drugs and alcohol. My mom dropped me off at a hotel downtown to meet up with my friends and made me promise that I would call for a ride or catch a cab to my aunt’s house where we would leave from in the morning.

The entire night is a blur; loads of alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy, DJ Cookie Monster (or Monsta) rave, unprotected sex with a complete strangers in a bathroom, and I never made it to my aunt’s house. I did make it back to my hotel and returned my mom’s texts in the morning apologizing and telling her where she can come pick me up.

She picked me up exactly where she dropped me off the day prior and as I got in the car my emotions once again came to an unmanageable state and I broke down crying in the back seat as we left for my 120 month prison sentence…

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