Tricking the System & Trying to End the Cycle | Noah’s Story, Part 10

Ending the Cycle | Noah Bergland | construction2style

Noah here.

As I previously talked about relocating, the one thing that followed me from place to place was the use of drugs regardless of the amount of use.

After leaving Minneapolis, my drug use was reduced extensively and was primarily alcohol, but the occasional Adderall and even opiate use did occur.

At first, this was easy to conceal because I was not on any type of probation but once I was picked up by the marshals and put on pre-trial release I was subjected to weekly drug tests, so then the use had to be more strategic.

Luckily there were plenty of ways to beat a 12 panel, which is how I was being monitored. I always did it with my own urine though and how I did that was know when my test could occur, and knowing how long each drug stayed in my system, and for that, all you need to know is what its half-life is.

The thing about hard drugs is they have extremely low half-lives, as opposed to weed and Benzo’s that have larger ones.

Say a drug has a half-life of six hours, well every six hours, half of the amount used is out of your system. This is how cocaine, meth, ecstasy, and opiates are usually out of your body within three days unless the amounts used are outrageous.

This is why people on probation fail drug tests for weed so often because the half-lives are in the 100-300+ hour range, so days or weeks later you still have a large enough quantity in your system that it will still register on your drug test.

The 12 panel that I was taking also wasn’t testing for alcohol, so as long as I didn’t get caught drinking or show up drunk, I couldn’t get caught for that either.

Next, my drug tests would start the week on Sunday, and I quickly learned that once your number comes up, it’s done for the week. So, if my number came up Sunday, I could do a selected number of drugs until the cutoff of Thursday night, for it to safely be out of my system by 10 pm on Sunday, which was the latest I had to go and take my drug test.

I would also have a cup with me, purchased at Walmart, to make sure my urine was clean if I pushed it to close because I knew it would always be better to miss a drug test versus fail a drug test.

So why would I reveal this?

Because I want my family to know what I was doing on pre-trail so they can have as much knowledge when I get released and my support group or safety net will be that much stronger.

I am not proud of the fact that I was on pre-trial release for 16 months and never failed a drug test because I wasn’t clean the whole time. This was also not a weekly thing I played with, but I did do it on more than a dozen occasions in those 16 months.

From the inside,




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