Enhance Your Bathroom with a Few Simple Updates

Enhance Your Bathroom with a Few Simple Updates 1

Whether you want to splurge on a full blown bathroom remodel, or you’re simply looking to freshen things up, we’re here to help. Today we wanted to share with you a few simple ways to enhance your bathroom space.

17770 W 58th St Minnetonka MN-print-010-8-Shower-2700x1800-300dpi


New Shower Curtain

One of the easiest ways to update your shower is to change out the shower curtain.

With our Minnetonka spa-like master bathroom renovation, our clients wanted to add this gorgeous cascade coil shower curtain. The way we redesigned the bathroom made for a challenge when shopping for a shower door. Since the homeowners wanted to have the cascade coil shower curtain, this required a curtain rod. We had a trying time finding a rod in this shape, with the exact style to match the curtain, and the shape and size of this massive shower.

One of the services we take pride in at construction2style is if we can’t find your perfect piece for your renovation, we can make it! Luckily, we were able to custom build the shower curtain rod for our clients to ensure they got their dream curtain for their new bathroom space. Bathroom_FEB_Cambria4


Paneling or Wood Plank Wall

Adding a wood plank wall to your area is another great way to add some fun! And best part- anyone can do this project. We wrote a full tutorial for you on how we installed this wall over on Remodelaholic 

17770 W 58th St Minnetonka MN-print-003-2-Bathroom-2700x1799-300dpi

Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to any room and, best part, you can do it yourself in a weekend and spend under $50. Another great option is to paint your ceilings either a darker or lighter color than your walls to give the space a fresh new look.


Cleaning your shower with grout cleaner will instantly enhance the look of your shower, and bring a fresh, clean feel to your space. Sometimes all your home needs is a good clean!


Update Fixtures

Switch out your fixtures. A new must-have for us is our rain showerhead. If you don’t want to invest in hanging one from the ceiling, you can simply replace your existing shower head. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Moroccan Fish Scale Tile with White Subway Tile, bathroom design trends by construction2style

New Countertops or Sinks

New countertops or sinks are also a great simple way to update your bathroom space. Depending on the countertops you choose, you can either spend a lot or a little. If you aren’t a DIY-er, the good part is this is an easy thing to update and a contractor can take care of full install for you.

If you’re looking to save costs, then DIY is the way to go. Either adding in new butcherblock or DIY concrete countertops or both great options. We have a full tutorial for you linked right there.


Enhance Your Bathroom with a Few Simple Updates 2

Enhance Your Bathroom with a Few Simple Updates 3

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