Essential Winter Must Haves for 2022

Essential winter must haves

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Dreading winter like me? Don’t worry we have some essential winter must haves for your wardrobe that will help you get through it.

These are some things that make the bitter cold less offensive. To clarify, I love winter, I just hate the sun going away at five in the afternoon, ice-covered roads, and the bitterly cold wind. 

And as someone who has more than enough clothing and accessories to outfit a sorority house in Alabama #rushtock ruined me, I definitely avoid heavy winter clothes and accessories as long as I can.

Driving in mittens, no thank you. Scraping my car off, YUCK and yes I am that person who will purposely go to the gas station when my husband is with me just so he will fill up my car when it is cold.

Get yourselves a Willie Swanson, y’all.

Born and raised in Minnesota I have learned the hard way that during the winter sometimes function must take priority over fashion. HOWEVER, fashionable winter must haves that will make life more tolerable, until you can get to a beach in February, do exist.

Here are a couple of my recommendations. 

A solid winter coat that features a built-in waistline because those are hard enough to keep during the long cold months of winter. I prefer styles that keep your core warm and cover your booty.

A cold booty ruins basically any outdoor activity. Full disclosure: I bought this jacket two winters ago after hemming and hawing about it and I have not looked back. It’s an investment, but I am a cranky monster when I am cold so this jacket benefits everyone. 

Leather driving gloves with a cashmere lining are hands down a winter must have! Let’s face it, you deserve that luxury on your hands while preventing the dreaded dry knuckles.

Plus, they are sturdy enough to scrap a car off, wear nicely until your car heats up enough to take them off, and have that tech finger feature, so you can text and check emails too. One disclaimer here: I keep them in a dust bag in the off-season, and recondition plus protect the leather every fall.

Snow boots with tread, because the only thing that is worse than winter is not being able to enjoy winter activities because you broke your arm slipping on the ice in the Target parking lot. All of these options are slip-on/pull-on.

I hate messing with laces, especially because usually my boots are the last thing to go on and I do not want to have to unzip a coat or remove my gloves. This option is also waterproof. 

Cuddl Duds is that key winter must have item you should own or gift if you or someone you love are always cold. A couple of my old coworkers turned me on to these.

They are a comfortable base layer that will keep the heat in without overheating you to the point of sweating like you are in a menopausal-induced hot flash.

I prefer to purchase them in separates so I can layer the tops and the bottoms as I need, based on what I am wearing.

Laniege Lip Mask saves me from the constant battle of chapped lips. I put it on at night and when I wake up in the morning I do not have to worry about peeling or cracked lips. 

Capri Blue Dry Body Oil. You may already be familiar with Capri Blue. They make the signature scent of Anthropologie, Volcano which is one of the leading fragrances across homes in the United States.

A sleeper hit among their products HAS to be the dry body oil. I prefer the Blue Jean scent but they also have it available in the aforementioned Volcano scent and Aloha Orchid.

If you have not been on a vacation in TOO LONG, the Aloha Orchid may be the scent for you. After you shower or take a bath, do a quick damp dry-off. Ideally, a little moisture is still okay.

Step back into a shower or an area that can have oil sprayed in it and give yourself a couple of sprays all over. Allow it to dry or absorb before putting on clothing. I layer my plush winter robe over it and that seems to help lock it in. 

This has been a legit game-changer for me. I have very sensitive skin and I am prone to reacting to fragrance and psoriasis in dryer months or when I am stressed. I started using this two winters ago and I will never go back.

A little goes a long way and the bottle seems to last a long time, like a couple of months minimum. I usually will clear a bottle and a half during the winter months. Shout out to my girl, Ella for clueing me in on this must have winter product. 

Stanley Traveler Coffee Mug with a trigger mouthpiece is 100% a winter must have. My MIL got me one of these last year for Christmas and my husband promptly tried to commandeer it as his own.

It breaks apart to be cleaned thoroughly and easily, almost all of it can go into the dishwasher. They stay shut unless you depress the trigger.

I cannot tell you the number of times I had leaks and spills before this cup. I trust it enough to put it into my work bag. 

If all else fails, book a trip to the beach in February and keep your fingers crossed for an early spring.


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  1. Lululemon Jacket | 2. Driving Gloves | 3. Snow Boots | 4. Cuddl Duds Top | 5. Cuddl Duds Bottom | 6. Lip Mask | 7. Dry Oil| 8. Stanley Mug 

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