7 Exterior Design Trends for 2021 with Northface Construction

7 Exterior Design Trends for 2021 - Hook Agency

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We’re talking exterior design trends for 2021 with Northface Construction today.

In the last year and a half, people have spent so much time at home and have been tackling tons of fun projects around the house. And once spring and summer roll around, it’ll be time to update that exterior.

So you’re going to want to know what trends are coming up that can inspire your next project. Here’s what to expect in 2021. 

7 Exterior Design Trends for 2021

Siding Color: Sherwin Williams SW 6531 Indigo

Trim Color: Sherwin Williams SW 7757 High Reflective White

Design Trend #1: High Contrast Exteriors

So long are the days of your home being one solid color. This year, homeowners are taking the risk of bringing more than one color and texture to their homes.

With robust colors, different style sidings, homeowners are getting quite creative and boosting their curb appeal with unique, updated looks. Black and white pallets have been popular for a while; however, they used to be white exteriors, black windows, and garage doors, or vice versa.

Now, we’ll be seeing a shift in bringing these colors and more within the elevations to the exterior of the home. Think two-toned high-contrast. 

We are seeing this high-contrast trend take many forms—from black or navy blue siding with off-white accents or even a white home with sections painted black for an extreme look. Boldness is definitely growing in popularity.

People want to have dimensions in their home’s style and stand out from the rest. We love to see it! 

Design Trend #2: Warmer, Creamier Whites

Pure white as an exterior color is becoming less widely used, while warmer whites like creams, off-whites, and soft grey-whites grow in popularity.

Especially with the darker shades becoming more common, an off-white can be a nice subtle way to create a warmer contrast versus the harshness of a pure white trim or contrasting wall. And we are here for it. 

Believe it or not, even the tiniest bit of blue or gray added to your white can make it match your blue or gray exterior that much more. And for those looking to do a bold forest green or burgundy red home exterior: a warm, creamy white contrasts so much better with those colors.

In fact, these warmer whites can go with most exterior colors and give it such a softer contrast as juxtaposed to your dark, bold siding. 

7 Exterior Design Trends for 2021

Siding Color: Sherwin Williams SW 6425 Relentless Olive

Trim Color: Sherwin Williams SW 6385 Dover White

Design Trend #3: Bring on the Green

It’s no surprise that green is making its way to exteriors as we’ve seen a big shift with design trends of ways to bring warmth, calm and earthy vibes in homes. And it’s making its way back into exteriors.

Now, we’re not talking bright kelly or neon green, but the deep, moody, subtle greens. Think forest green, but with fun names like Mountain Sage and Heathered Moss.

You can just feel the earthy vibes, right? You’ll see very dark forest greens—almost black forest greens—on the dark side, and more of those soft sages and mossy greens on the lighter side—all equally beautiful and earthy. 

7 Exterior Design Trends for 2021 - Hook Agency

Siding Color: Sherwin Williams SW 7000 Ibis White

Trim Color: Sherwin Williams SW 7102 White Flour

Design Trend #4: Beige is Back! 

Beige, browns, bronzes are back but in a new and different way. And yes, beige and those creamy, off-whites are indeed different.

Off-white will be much lighter and is more of a dirty white with tiny hints of yellow, while beige is more like stone with more browns added to the “white” color. Either way, beige is such a classic tone to use on a home.

It can go with just about any color and is a timeless take on a natural color. Accessible Beige by Sherwin William is a go-to for us within the interior spaces here at c2s, and we’re seeing it shift now to the exteriors. 

Revere Pewter is another great color that we’ve used for interiors for years. In our opinion, it’s one that goes well with both gray tones and brown.

So when we have a client nervous about the shifts in trends, this is the color we always recommend. 

7 Exterior Design Trends for 2021 - Hook Agency

Design Trend #5: Lots of Wood

Fir, pine, spruce, cypress, cedar—you name it, and we are seeing it. Wood is becoming a major part of home exteriors, whether as a small accent, or full siding.

Not only is it beautiful (check that gorgeous photo above), but it’s long-lasting, fairly simple to install, and can be stained, painted, and finished any way you desire, plus easy to paint over later on. 

A few good ways to utilize wood siding on your home if you don’t want to re-side the entire thing is to use it on half walls, stoops, front porches, or just an accent wall around your front door. Rather than painting or re-siding, you can simply install some gorgeous stained wood in a smaller portion of your home.

In the photo above you can also see that the vertical installation of the wood slats really lengthens the home and gives it a more open feel. 

Design Trend #6: Board & Batten, Slat Walls 

If you don’t want to do fully update your exterior to wood siding, then board & batten and slat walls are the answer. These beautiful exterior elements work great as accents or half-walls to bring some dimension and uniqueness to your home’s exterior.

They help break up the monotony of a solid color wall and can truly transform your home with even one slat wall. 

Another reason we see board & batten and slat walls growing in popularity is the fact that homeowners can DIY them pretty easily. And it’s also a way to boost curb appeal and change your home without breaking the bank.

The smallest change to your exterior can make a huge impact on how it looks and feels. 

7 Exterior Design Trends for 2021 with Northface Construction 1

See the full blog post behind this gorgeous exterior here –> Black Exterior Home Goals.

7 Exterior Design Trends for 2021 with Northface Construction 2

Design Trend #7: Functional & Practical

It’s not just about the color and design of exteriors but also the form and function. After 2020, homeowners are investing in their homes.

They are creating spaces practical to their family needs and lifestyle. For example, we took the jump to add onto our home with an indoor sports court. Which led to re-designing all of our homes.

We chose materials that wouldn’t break the bank, however were more practical for our budget and also durable enough to stand the test of time. 

Top Trending Colors

  1. Accessible Beige – Sherwin Williams7 Exterior Design Trends for 2021 - Hook Agency
  2. Revere Pewter- Benjamin Moore
  3. Muted Sage – Behr
  4. Onyx – Benjamin Moore
  5. Urbane Bronze – Sherwin Williams
  6. Pastoral – Behr 
  7. Dard Hunter Green – Sherwin Williams
  8. Sage – Sherwin Williams
  9. Green Earth – Sherwin Williams


What Other Exterior Design Trends Can We See in 2021? 

Unique shiplap designs and colors. We’re seeing less and less standard white shiplap, but seeing people get more creative with it with bold colors, textures, and different ways to install.

Instead of white, try painting them black and install them horizontally as opposed to the standard vertical. Have fun with it!

Fun exterior lighting elements. We all spend a ton of time getting the perfect lighting and fixtures inside of our homes, but what about outside?

If you are spending the time to enhance your home’s exterior, but aren’t taking the time to incorporate amazing lighting with it, to show it off, then you’re doing it wrong.

We have been seeing all sorts of amazing fixtures and spotlights that add even more flair to your new beautiful exterior. For 2021 we are going to see more smart lighting that is added on timers or even motion sensors.

But not the ugly spotlight motion sensors, but nice, soft exterior lighting so your home can always look beautiful. 

Check out this video of Morgan chatting with Josh Swisher, Owner of Northface Construction, about all things exteriors. They chat about trends, what’s going away, and what clients have been looking for in their recent remodels.

Plus, Morgan talks about her own exterior renovation at home and how they decided what look to go with for their new addition! 

In 2021, unlock your home’s potential and do something out of the ordinary! These trends are people taking risks and them totally paying off.

We love each and every one, and would love to help you plan your next exterior project! So, let’s get in touch! 

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  1. Thank you! This is really helpful as I am about to paint the exterior of my brand new house that has to be SW per the builder. I too am leaning towards warmer colors, but might be more in that transition phase. I have wood accents and want to leave them natural when everyone else is painting them. Thanks for the validation!

    Do you mean accessible beige as the main color and what trim would go with that if not white? It is hard to leave white behind. Repose Gray is similar to Revere Pewter, correct? What trim with that if not white? LOL. Or is a slightly off-white ok if going warm with the main color? I thought SW pure white was slightly off-white. The trim is still confusing a little, but I like the direction it’s going, just need to catch up.

  2. Awesome, I hope they get what they are looking for and hopefully this article is able to help them as well.

  3. Thanks for the tip to use wood accents around your front door. My sister and her husband mentioned they want to have a new fiberglass door installed to increase the curb appeal of their home before summer. I’ll share this info to give them other ideas to upgrade around the door as well!

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