Fall Decor Essentials

fall decor

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We all are thinking about decorating for the fall at the end of August, especially during those years when we start noticing cooler days creeping in when you least expect them. They never do it in an overpowering way, but rather just provokingly.

However, do you catch yourself generally waiting until mid-September or even early October to bring that “fall bin” from the basement and start assessing how ready you are for this project? I need to raise my hand unashamedly; I unfortunately, have been guilty of that! 

Fall Home Decor

Some of you, who are more disciplined and dedicated, might have spray-painted pumpkins and wicker baskets left from last year that will look equally fresh this time around, others need to google ideas and go shopping! 

Where do you even begin? I do believe that simplicity is truly the ultimate sophistication! The ability to emphasize natural fall rusty reds, oranges and earthy tones in your home is critical in fall decor.

How is your porch doing? Is it in a desperate need of an autumn wreath, pretty blankets, and some vibrant pumpkins? This whole ensemble will send a welcome message to all your dear guests and inspire them.

Some of you love to add pillows, spicy candles, vases and frames and we don’t blame you! Fall carries that unique beauty and coziness with it and some of those purchases will just feel right, so don’t get too hesitant!

Fall Decor Essentials 1

Floral fall arrangements, taller candles, and miniature pumpkins make lovely centerpieces and have become that excellent starting point for many of us. They serve as elegant elements in any decor style, especially in your living room.

The key is to try and keep to just a few seasonal decor touches, it is never good to overwhelm your space. 

You could also start with your mantel, couch, or coffee table. For example, a tall mirror or a piece of art could serve as your starting point and then just add a bulky vase or pitcher with some lovely fall  arrangement, continue with reclaimed wood candlesticks, lanterns and, of course, pumpkins (real or wooden). The right mix of accessories will make your mantel stand out and transform it into a focal point of the room.  

We know from experience, that some homeowners prefer overlapping or layered decor on their mantels, others are more drawn to contrasting colors that pop and off-balance ideas.  

Let’s move to the couch. Is it light or dark? If it is a lighter tone, we would like to suggest you get darker pillows and throws and vice verse. We want all your decor to be seen and to elevate your space.  

fall decor

Remember, think about solids, texture and pattern when you go pillow shopping. We wrote a detailed blog post dedicated to just pillows that you will enjoy and benefit from. 

fall decor essentials

The next area we are focusing on is your kitchen! Frosted carrot cupcakes, pumpkin bars and glazed apple cinnamon scones will look gorgeous on your countertop and will be a lovely addition to your kitchen decor!  Don’t overthink it: harvest-inspired decor has been a go-to solution for women around the world through generations:  from apples and pumpkins to dried lavender and gold wheat.

Got some acorns in your yard? Fill in a vase with them!

Be creative!

Any of those items on a beautiful linen tablecloth or runner will set the right fall tone in your home. 

When I think of fall decor, I think of rich and gorgeous textures in pillows, blankets and napkins. Wool and velvet are your best friends in this season. 

Need ideas? We got you! We have cherry-picked some darling pieces for you to enjoy from our favorite stores and are linking them all below: 

All Fall Everything
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